Fta rules: available in the host is to be Chinese version of the examination and approval within 20 days

the Shanghai municipal government recently released in China (Shanghai) free trade area cultural market open project implementation details, foreign wholly engaged in game equipment production and sales, set up performance content such as economic institutions made specific provision.

details indicates the corresponding process was introduced into the operational phase, as the player’s greatest concern: trading game consoles and is gradually becoming a reality.

let’s rules on free trade zone in the part of the game some brief interpretation, we can see from the details of those points?

free trade rules interpretation 1: gaming devices can be geared to the needs of the domestic market sales

the original rules: “allowing foreign enterprises engaged in the game of the vehicle production and sales, by the competent department of culture of censorship game recreational equipment can be sold to the domestic market.”

in this paragraph we can see two points, one is the need to pass the content of the cultural department of subjective review, 2 it is can be sold to the domestic market.

in the free trade area, the newly established along with the game release messages appear at the same time there is “only within the free trade area sales” rumors, but now the rules have made it clear to the national market sales.

the regulations also means that just announced before game ban on free trade area are not, in fact will also be lifted across the country.

free trade rules read 2: domestic trading must contain the simplified Chinese

details: the original “device appearance, game content, the method should use common language in our country.”

look from this period, if the trading game software and hardware sales, so must be simplified Chinese version. Goes well, the player will play to a large number of full official Chinese version of the book – the premise is that they can pass examination…

free trade rules interpretation 3: approval must be completed within 20 days

details: the original “city culture YingShiJu shall be from the date of acceptance of application for examination and approval decision within 20 working days. Try in conformity with the prescribed conditions, issue the game content and verification form, and be submitted to the ministry of culture for the record; Does not comply with the prescribed conditions, state reasons in a written document.”

this paragraph has been clear about the examination and approval of specific time: 20 working days, this is compared with the current network game drastically shortened.

according to the version of the agency, the plate number of online game products applied for import, need from the Internet publishing agencies or electronic publishing units to the local province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central administrative department of press and publication, apply; The local province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government after the administrative department of press and publication, examine and verify agrees, subject to examination and approval of press and publication (gapp); General administration of press and publication after review the related materials to approve or disapprove of the decision. Permission time limit is 80 days from the date of acceptance of application.

and network game also need after approval from ministry of culture, compared to earlier years network game approval to a tumultuous free trade area of the game is expected to simplify a lot of examination and approval.

in addition, the body of the examination and approval into Shanghai article wide YingShiJu, ministry of culture, just for the record, it will also save time for examination and approval of obviously. There is no doubt that this is also available in the good news of the game, if the time is too long cause of examination and approval and other languages apart for too long, will no doubt lead to a lot of potential customers to buy other language versions of the game.

free trade rules read 4: large-scale games sad review

the original rules: “to the domestic market sales game recreational equipment, should have legitimate intellectual property rights, is advantageous to the spread of science, art, cultural knowledge, is beneficial to the healthy growth of teenagers. Must not contain any “entertainment management regulations (with [2006] no. 458) of article 13 of the prohibited content, must not contain any bet gambling functions such as points, coin, ball back back.”

article 13 of the specific content is as follows:

article 13 the state, carry forward the national excellent culture in entertainment places of entertainment contains the following contents:

(a) the basic principles of violation of the constitution to determine;

(2) endanger national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

(3), endangering state security or damage to the nation’s honor and interests;

(4) to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, damage national feelings or violate national customs and habits, undermining national unity;

(5) in violation of the country’s religious policy, promote cults, superstitious;

(6) advocate obscenity, gambling, violence and illegal and criminal activities related to the drug, or abetting crime;

(7) against social ethics or national excellent cultural tradition;

(8) insult, slander others, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

(9) other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

now, there is no grading system of “article 13” master will determine the game through the examination and approval, some of the famous m-rated games (e.g., gta5) will be almost impossible to judge.

if the execution of “article 13” is too strict, there will be a lot of games unable to enter the Chinese; But if scale grasp properly, or is likely to be most mainstream games to pass the examination and approval. The performance of the specific how, can only wait for the future.

free trade rules read 5: game upgrades, revised need to review

the original rules: “game recreational equipment of recreational game contents, models, models have upgrade, revision and other material change, shall apply to the municipal article wide YingShiJu censorship.”

according to the conventional inference, the host small version of the game should be no need to review the update, and need like online games such as the large expansion to censorship.

as the detailed rules for the free trade area officially announced, smart host access to relevant information will be more and more. According to media reports, before the vision at the end of April will be officially unveiled the xbox one trading information, expected in July, the game the price is not higher than 300 yuan.

than foreign xbox one common game for $69.99 (about 436 yuan), the price has been reduced a lot, but estimates there are a lot of the players will get too expensive.

Source: Sina