Fu Cheng about entrepreneurship: not light have passion, have the methodology

cloud network hunting note: entrepreneurs how to avoid the failure? Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng believes that in many entrepreneurial environment never emphasize methodology, only emphasize passion itself that is wrong, entrepreneurs should use the methodology to arm themselves, is likely to reduce the possible failures in business.

Fu Cheng, according to the methodology of entrepreneurship is divided into two points. First, not as long as the efforts can be done, after seeing so many starts an undertaking, in Fu Cheng think accumulation is important; Second, when you have the idea, turning it into a minimization of the product model and experiment. That is to say from the direction to verify, with minimal resources quickly, and then use data-driven approach for analysis.

the following is a Fu Cheng tencent open platform application innovation contest in 2012 at the scene of speech text transcript:

Fu Cheng: today it is my pleasure to share with you at the scene of the innovative application of contest what is entrepreneurship, in fact this is a very big and very difficult subject, I would like to for a long time, based on my experience have made a summary, today to share with you.

what is the business? I remember the first time I met ray, the total time he asked me the question, he asked me why I want to business, what is the business? Because I was actually a the reason why I have had to leave the original company, started his business trip, I think I don’t know, but I can probably figure out what is entrepreneurship.

because I have been doing a project, we four people together in a table tennis table next to begin their own internal business, from then on, I do of the users of this product from several thousand to tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of, in the process, I reflect on yourself whether you did something wrong every night, every day I wonder how can let the user know my product, every day I was at the user feedback, it is because of such a work style, make once I’ve ever had. So I was with the thunder always said, if I want to find a small team, don’t have the money we will start to look for a very small point, I believe that as long as will have the opportunity to do.

the thunder always said seen those who invest a lot of business want to pull, you are no business but to entrepreneurship is in place. I once told a friend I feel very tired, what he said is all tired, have you ever wondered what is business? Entrepreneurship is more a state of mind and the creation, is your dedication on this matter, and the pursuit. He says that you don’t look at me in baidu is the executive, but I still see it as a startup, because I also need to use my ability to get this thing done enough height.

reflection, although today the tencent open platform for many developers the billionaire user platform, but it itself is a startup, so I summarize entrepreneurship should be an active attitude, indomitable attitude. He and your environment by itself has little relationship, no matter you are in a certain company or yourself when the CEO, this mindset can’t be lack.

it isn’t enough to have such a mentality, I remember in the beginning, my partner and I closed the door of the office every day to review, review of each other, reflect on what we did wrong, we in the financing, hiring and the mistakes that direction choice, this kind of self denial attitude has been with us, even if we do this year golden hill network, we are in constant self-denial.

I think self-denial is very difficult, because you do one thing because you always think it is right to do, in fact, in turn, look, you still ability at that time than you need to achieve phase has a gap, so every time such self-denial is an own ascension. So I think that entrepreneurs also requires self-denial.

in addition is not enough, when I was in business, at that time, in a suburb, together with several brothers do but can’t afford to send salary, I put my wife and children back to the hometown, I don’t have much money when the heart is very depressed, I also remembered at that time we just did a product is the competition, and even many articles against my personal time, I have a period of time really very depressed.

one day I finally understand, entrepreneurs must withstand lonely. Because when you meet with difficulties, you can’t tell anyone, you only have yourself digestion and, in turn, you want to use their own active attitude to face all this. So I think entrepreneurship is a state of mind, a kind of active denial and lonely state of mind.

but only have this mindset is enough? I take part in the game tencent, interaction with a lot of players in the front, I found that you have been blinded by some fairy tales, as long as insisted that will succeed, as long as there is ideal can change the world, I think it is wrong in essence.

I think the business must have a method, just like you plant trees need water to live, this method is the same. I think we never stressed in many entrepreneurial environment methodology, only emphasize passion itself that is wrong, entrepreneurs should use the methodology to arm themselves, is likely to reduce the possible failures in business.

today I brought a book, I am going to send to each individual group contestants a book, called “lean startup”, I think it is the first book describing entrepreneurship by us before for your dreams and persistence, passion and hard work can be done into something need to use method to finish, I recommend all friends want to venture to look at the book.

I simply summarize, I think the methodology is divided into the following points.

the first, as long as you work hard can not do it. I saw so many entrepreneurs, I think it is very important to accumulate, it has a great effect on one business success. I can make these achievements today, I think it’s because I used to do a decade of client software. Every man is the whole process, no one would suddenly become different, maybe jobs’s example has inspired many people, but before his success is also has very many accumulated have today’s achievement. The accumulation of so is everyone can’t be ignored, especially emphasizes the passion today, I have accumulated. This may well be hobby.

second, when you have the idea, turning it into a minimization of the product model and experiment. We never emphasize experiment, but I want to tell you that the experiment is very important, that is to say the little direction to verify, this is with your minimum resources fast authentication, then use data-driven approach for analysis. Want to have the growth, want to have your data analysis, the book “lean startup” tell you what indicators should be taken, what data extraction in your product to tell you the product is successful, but not simple direction is right.

when your product prototype is verified, then the biggest challenge to the entrepreneurs from more provinces. Learn to expand, seize the opportunity. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs, they after early a little success, think that’s a good company, can make money, the size is very good, whether financing or expand the team, or in other ways, but seemed more conservative.

I think today is a red sea competitive market, a fiercely competitive market, must have the scale, entrepreneurs can follow team, along with the business growth. I have seen a very famous domestic community, the founder of the at that time, the community is booming, they at that time I was in a VC to help them see project, I ask how many people are there in his team? He said 20 people. I said do you want to quickly expand, seize the opportunity? He said don’t try so hard, I don’t need to expand.

then years passed, the users of the site of a big decline, I dare not say that there must be a link between, but I know that the best opportunity in front of him, isn’t it can not as think as a developer, and thinking like an entrepreneur. Heavily armed themselves, let oneself in the team, capital, channels, the market is full of rich, comprehensive to meet this challenge, that is the one of entrepreneurship one of the difficulties.

today time is very short, that was all I can share, I hope that we can “lean startup” to guide, guidance of methodology of entrepreneurship in their let their passions have method can depend on, in this way can we truly make our dream to change the world, thank you.