Fu Cheng chat entrepreneurship: don’t believe it, want to have a methodology

cloud network hunting note: recently, the town of youth, cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng guest boss town, share some entrepreneurial experience. Fu Cheng thinks, in addition to stand on the tuyere, entrepreneurs to have command of the macroeconomic situation and modes of capital operation ability. In addition, the Fu Cheng also share their from 190 jins crazy 40 kg weight loss experience…


Fu Cheng (WeChat ID: fstalk)

on August 3, I should be invited to Shanghai for the first recording of finance and economics “boss town” talk show. For the first time to participate in this program, a bit of a challenge, also is very interesting experience. Some excerpts from positive words as follows, to share with you:)


observers junin : I think Fu Cheng is a legendary figure, run away from 360 when like a dissatisfied housewife, and then to now lead the cheetah successful listing. I think as a town of youth, to be in this position, it is not easy. How can he is in such a complicated situation, to be able to keep control over, can know how to say to do, how to stand, can cause in the best interest of his own situation.

Host yuan Ming:

too many questions, too many secrets, for the hero of the story, you must be full of curiosity. Hurry, let’s welcome our today’s boss, cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng, please welcome. Welcome Fu Cheng, when he was come into the stage, you will feel a little, good disappointed, your appearance is too ordinary, just so much this bloody story, is really happen to you, are you experience it, you see he looks so weak.

Fu Cheng: first it must be have a lot of rumors, some of the rumors I heard for the first time, only just behind the second it is indeed China’s Internet just like river’s lake, there are all kinds of stories, most of the time, like an iceberg, what you see is one aspect of it, there are a lot of things behind it. Sometimes you do things, with the three words is called “forced”.

three months to lose 40 pounds Original “Internet law reducing weight”

host yuan Ming : from 190 to 150, we want to know something about how did he do it.

Fu Cheng: ROM fat specifically said in a programme, said a man to lose weight, especially a married man, like me, he said eighty percent is to fall in love. When he saw me, he said you have a problem for certain, I said is wrong, first of all have no, I really want to so I also don’t need to lose weight right? But he had other words very right, when you do this, in fact is your mental pattern change. I think not to say that I do the company for the past three years, it is a process, is the heart of the people a lot of changes have taken place, a person’s career and his whole sense of purpose and pattern is the feeling of the path of the with you. Like mountain climbing, you don’t have to climb to the top of the mountain, you never know what is called in the mountains below. Every time you are in the process of climbing the mountain, looking back you will see that the world in your eyes and have you ever thought that the world is not the same. I am really want to see the truth, I didn’t give the weight to stick, in fact I this weight loss is in my busiest time. When I ipos are take a bicycle to roadshow, I was running in Boston in San Francisco. Morning, when you think that time no upside down, and the road is hard, how many will be a day, and then the next day morning, because I can not sleep to a.

host yuan Ming : do you still have to tell me the specific psychological construction, whether in his heart to what pattern and ambition to fall cruel-hearted cut 40 pounds of fat to go?

Fu Cheng: one of the most difficult is to change yourself. Classmates 15 years party a few days ago, I said I don’t have any thing to boast about, listed doesn’t consider as what, but I proud of is that I in more than 30 years to lose fat. I said you are fat boy I can look down on you, because of this, not because of how much money I earn, I said you should seek change after age 30, is you want to keep you this kind of mentality of the young and the change of the self, this is a very strong sense of achievement.

observers junin : I agree that the Internet really might not pay attention to appearance, but honestly, who doesn’t want to often see around those beautiful, right? Industry has actually so say, say what is a handsome, CEO robin li, for example what what of, I think Fu Cheng originally are not eligible for this, now you can consider, competition such a title.

package dwellings meat clip buns technology prick silk business difficult

host yuan Ming : a lot of people who want to hire, the name was blunt Fu Cheng go merrily voted for the resume, wait to have a look at your company immediately went home, said that what ah.

Fu Cheng: push open the door, then the afternoon departure. Because at that time, we in order to be able to recruit people, is borrowed the count’s office, the people about every weekend to investors on the tall office said the interview with him, you see this is our office investors, we have a lot of power, then we run the residences push open the door a look, and a dozen sitting on that of technology prick silk, there may be a smelly foot odor. And then people lived in the room, and then we said to him, you come to work, so we give you to buy bedding.

host yuan Ming : just sleep on it.

Fu Cheng: for, and then collapse, and then leave.

host yuan Ming : your situation at this time is also like this?

Fu Cheng: to, often eat in the office, the first is in the suburb to rent a double entry, it live, here in the office, then get up and start to get things.

host yuan Ming : it is said that the time of their company is aunt, aunt cooking, 3000 pieces, the other only 1000 yuan.

Fu Cheng: yes, frankly at that time not too long, because soon afterwards someone investment, we said at the time, we also agree. Actually, this kind of bag houses business, not for everyone, but for me is a huge psychological gap. Do you know, because I was doing 360, has a minor celebrity in the industry, so we think we should come up at that time was to win the industry, this time is to overestimate their ability, is good, but I am very anxious, I think I failed. So, I asked lei jun this problem at that time, I said what do you think of this product is not successful, he said that if the first venture, is nine, but Fu Cheng you, to your own requirements, you may just be a six or seven. So I think that experience to me later reflect on my whole methodology, why 360 can do succeed, why but cow image will have a gap and then what should seize the point, I was thinking in pain every day.

host yuan Ming : can you please share with us, I remember you like an article on the Internet to do purple cattle on the tuyere.

Fu Cheng: ray especially for there are always other words, one of the first successful is accidental, because you were just standing on the point, don’t you know that standing on that point.

host yuan Ming : on the tuyere of the pig.

Fu Cheng: yes, don’t you know that you are on the tuyere, you don’t have the initiative to find the tuyere, but you just site, then you fly very high. You think where I can fly so high, you overestimate their own ability, of course, you can fly, let’s say you have wings, you can go to fly, this is very important. but if you don’t find the opportunity, you again how much all fly is not high. then I concluded: the first point is I to the entire macroscopic things think too little. is the change pattern of the industry, the trend of the future is not how to think, just want to users need this right now. The second point, you don’t know to the capital operation mode. Though you look for a little money, you don’t spend money. to cattle and jinshan merger, I took a total of about 900 yuan of investment, merger, I account and 8 million yuan, is a poor man, accustomed, you are reluctant to spend money. Listed we told a story this time, we had invited another partner name is ray, we go to dinner, he said this is good meat clip buns, one more. I said ray, you know how many money a meat clip buns, I said you don’t look at the menu, the 7 dollars a meat clip buns, quite expensive, I’m a little love dearly. when there is a word called spend a dollar as two pieces, but if you really do business point of view, said the specific time that is right, but every day you think, so you won’t be a big breakthrough, so I think the experience is indeed very precious.

don’t talk about strategy, only talk about the product, use product with management

host yuan Ming : what do you do that, this time you are not big shareholder’s right, although lei jun is rich, but I also can’t let you spend money.

Fu Cheng: lei jun to my biggest support is my full support. he said it began, support only you a person. You don’t have to worry about any older workers to find my problem. the second point is emotionally close first. I am a man, not really a drinker that year my capacity for liquor from practice some, however, and then to heart with you. the third to speak, of course, be realistic. in the most difficult time, when the company began to lose, that is to give the backbone treatment, hair stock, this certainly to do . The fourth is to use the product management. pure management is because of you, I’ve had a the biggest team before this is 70 people, I have no experience in management of hundreds of people, the so I choose is to do a product well, to merge and jinshan, the bull can be divided into groups, the head is, in effect, jinshan, let you eliminate your insecurities. Directly after ran management team, management, and then only talk about the product, don’t talk about strategy. Means that the next three years to do, I also don’t know, I say do this button, you can’t user point, words all don’t understand, just playing these details, and then wait until after you see the product ready, users begin to grow, the good word of mouth, began to have trust on you.

host yuan Ming : I ask, what are you doing these decisions, check stand beside listening to the teacher said, wow, is too high, you this kind of clever ideas, comes from your own reflection, or advice from a master?

Fu Cheng: now return overdo, said the experience of 360 are of great help to me. Although is not to hundreds of people, but I from four tube to dozens of people, the whole team running in high speed, and you to complete the management issues. Later, the my feeling at that time is not with Internet management, better use of the management better feel defeated the traditional industry, it is the easier way to achieve the management, is to use the product itself, let everybody have a goal. because everyone has desire itself, this goal is only clear enough, just like weibo. You said today who in weibo, but weibo can always find the latest events. Product is the best management. the theory is that time want to clear, so try it.

host yuan Ming : you are laughing, but I believe that three people laugh behind the subtext is different.