Fu Cheng: cheetah mobile differentiation innovation

in the second china-eu business camp three modules of the course, who just returned from nyse listed cheetah move (the former golden hill network) CEO Fu Cheng with China Europe international business school, more than 50 outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs, share the differentiation innovation way of winning.

article/Fu Cheng

I will enter the Internet in 2002, the first do is 3721 online assistant, then firmly believe that if you insist on a point to do no one can and we will be able to win. But I later found out that it is, is not. When faced with a very strong competitor, ZhuiGanShi attack is very difficult.

there are two big Internet at the core has the advantage of traditional industry is hard to catch up. For the first time. Once the opponent ahead in time, unless he made a mistake, otherwise it is hard to surpass from behind. Second, cognitive. Cognitive formed barriers. Traditional industrial era, through advertising and other ways to solve the problem of cognition, but now they are surplus production, the cost of the cognitive increasingly protruding.

lei jun said, millet core competitive advantage is the biggest, only from the components of cost price plus 15% can become a selling price, but also to make a profit. Generally speaking, a normal cell phone to add 50%, and zte, huawei, lenovo to add more than 50%, to ensure that no loss.

don’t millet have the same production process? No, I think it is the core of, greatly reduce the cost of the user’s cognition. Let everyone know that have this kind of mobile phone, and that there was no drug.

what is the meaning of this?

I want to say, differentiated competition is the essence of a different impression on the user’s mind, and then in this impression, he wants to know the problem.

to put it bluntly, is a cognitive problems.

we spent on information transmission cost of the whole society far beyond imagination. At least, I think the cost of 70% to 80% is spent on the information dissemination. Because we don’t know what the user needs, resulting in a large number of production become null and void.

if one day, when the productivity is greatly released, you will find all the cost will be spent on communication and cognition, spent on all users for your understanding.

today, the whole philosophy of the Internet are around the user perception. As long as the user’s perception of you have enough, you will have the ability to “with the user to change industry”, and millet are examples.

when we roadshow, often run into problems of investors: “you are a tool software, it can advertise? What would you do for money?” I said, the tool software in the world with hundreds of millions of mobile phones, I will let hundreds of millions of people can cognition to me, this is a great social resources. I can make use of such resources to finish behind a series of chain, finally realizes the currency cash.

all tools, including every to reach the hands of consumers, it is the core of the information transmission, is to let all consumers cognitive ability, the ability to once be amplified will, in turn, drive the industry realize the huge transformation.

combining his own practice, I also summarizes some competition strategy of the mobile Internet era.

cut from the edges of the

today, in the field of BAT infested, opportunity is rare. But Internet from simple information dissemination network, connecting the engine to the information, to social media, launched a huge impact to the traditional industry, this leads to a lot of edges, these are likely to be the heart of the future.

this is a very important opportunity. That is to say, you have the opportunity to far away from the giant self-built base areas.

the beginning of establishment of cheetah mobile, we will face a choice: do jinshan guards or jinshan drug gangsters, or two products to do. I know 360 security guards is the core of 360 products, polishing for 5 years, users reputation is very good also. But 360 antivirus launch late as strong safeguard. After repeated thinking, we decided to do jinshan drug gangsters, gave up the jinshan guards in principle. Doesn’t look fat to jam a market to survive.

when the company’s internal summarized a word called “saucepans do DuBa”, all the energy to do this thing. We did a lot on the product innovation, for the first time to give up local virus, made “the first pure cloud antivirus software”, launched a “slice not poisoning” and “cyber dare to compensate” two big selling point. That year, triggered the first innovation of security industry.

our monthly active up to seven times, from the day of active 7 million rose to nearly 50 million, this is a piece of base areas. At the same time, with free strategy implementation for three consecutive years to keep the revenue more than 120% growth.

if choose to do at that time jinshan guards, may not have the chance. Because 360 security guards have been at the core of the people, all of the best research and development, the biggest market in here. Once to compete directly, you do every function, is likely to be overtaken by the other party.

we through a into the market at that time was on the edge of the antivirus, in a clear emphasis, finally formed a piece of your own home. On the based on the ground, make a at least let the company survived differential mode. Although at first glance the market is not so big, but the competition for your response speed will be significantly lower, it to your user’s cognitive effect will sync is reduced, makes you have more opportunities in the fringes.

single point acme

once found the edge of the market, must not extensive cultivation, and to find a emphasis, in order to point to area. The industrial age is called promote the item of “system”, but the age of the Internet is a “system” as the item belt. Millet through a mobile phone, bring up a millet mall. Millet is the third largest today the B2C mall traffic, this is the process of “system” as the item belt.

however, you must do best on a single point, and make a real cow force of the item.

cheetah cleaning master has just launched, we have a product called battery doctor, active monthly high. A lot of resources of the company in battery doctor. In July 2013, we opened a meeting in lushan mountain, I spent a night to persuade a few VP, be sure to do cleaning. Because cleaning is a drill into the concept of, can be played very thoroughly, and the doctors don’t have the characteristics of the battery. Then we do the company more than 100 people all into master clean, within a year rose by 120 million active monthly. All in all, in my growth history of the entire product, haven’t seen up so fast.

at present, the cheetah cleaning master already has 8.6 million users on Google Play, averaged 4.7 points. That is to say, there is a user for 1 minute, 5 points must have 12 to 13 users to offset, to be able to guarantee 4.7 points. We are all millionaire application user evaluation, the highest score.

we attach too much importance to the user’s opinion.

in Beijing, we are recruiting a dozen different languages of the foreigner, on Facebook constantly respond to the user. If each other in Arabic give me a 1 minute, we will be in Arabic feedback to the user. In the United States, we had two user credentials, face-to-face discussions with customers every time they released a new version of the product. Now, clear the cheetah master on Facebook has 2.6 million fans.

not only that, we also spent a great effort put into this product.

we draw out the company’s top security engineer, built a cloud APP behavior. Hundreds of cloud server, every day to the Google Play to grab the latest App, a total of more than 4 million App is analyzed, where is the understanding which App will produce waste, which is the user’s data files. As long as the users to install a new App, once produce garbage, will help the user to clear it, and keep data file for the user.

in addition, we are clearing up the rubbish on the size and clean up time has made unprecedented breakthrough. Clean up the master clearing up the rubbish from the beginning of last year to the size of the 150 million for the first time, spread to the end of last year, 330 million, a whole doubled. Every time cleaning time increased to 10 seconds from 20 seconds. Instead, that is, the more clear and faster, let users really have a sense of “cool”.

on clean this single point because of extreme enough to make the cheetah cleaning master in Google Play global downloads ranking (in addition to the game), from the beginning of last year’s 48th up to fourth this year, the top three, respectively is Facebook, Whatsapp, FacebookMessage.

to point with surface

we have a “locomotive theory”. In short, do the locomotive is strong enough, a luxury train with locomotive belt, area is a.

WeChat is just a small product, but the area is 10 games, all of the other game makers dry dead. Millet pattern also is such, after a phone call, television, and flat, and routers. Vertical cross products, have electricity, supply chain and so on. A product with a single point, like awl to make all problems solved.

cheetah mobile also doing it today. The rapid rise of the cheetah cleaning master drive CM Security is to point to take the first example.

cheetah cleaning master released three months into the Google Play the top ten in the world, and several major developed countries around the world, including America, Britain and other countries tool list ranked first. Under the cheetah cleaning master colliding, another product CM Security just released three months, also maintained in the Google Play tool list in second or third.

in March this year, Google Play in the global download before 50, we have 4 software at the top, ranked first among all Chinese manufacturers, manufacturers around the world also only facebook this success.

with the dot with the resulting.

the most important point, we are the biggest single country is not India, but the United States, the European Union and other developed countries, the two together accounted for almost 20% of the users. And cheetah movement in the field of global mobile security made only three months, is quickly formed the set the prairie ablaze momentum, in the future “cheetah cleaning master” the locomotive driven there will be a greater leap.