Fung hung interpret millet ecosystem: 18 months will carry 20% of China mobile traffic

/JiYun, from: geek park (based on millet, co-founder of fung hung on MIIC2014 geek park public class speech.)

millet did a lot of hardware products, the spread also is pretty good, but do these things behind the purpose and principle of millet, exactly? Actually very clear: the hardware platform. Then on the platform, we how to run the ecosystem? Today to share with you our thinking in this area.

18 months later, millet devices will be carrying about 20% of China’s mobile Internet traffic

two days before the thunder always released the pin number in the first half of our equipment, but relative to this, I pay more attention to their Allies active data tables. This is data released in May, in the top 10 with our five machines, millet 2 is highest, the machine in the top 20 us of paragraph 7. Although millet shipments is not too much, but the active proportion has accounted for 9.4%, close to 10%.

some time ago we had just released beautiful MIUI users, probably around fifty million. By the end of next year, is a more appropriate expectations of the millet mobile phone should have at least 100 million shipments, millet active user should be at least 3 times now. If keep this activity, we can exercise, millet activity expected about 20% of the mobile Internet is reasonable.

when our various devices is carrying the whole 20% of China’s mobile Internet traffic, when we can influence, can improve all the experience, what we could do?

around the beautiful MIUI mobile Internet ecosystem: not only distribute

beautiful MIUI on millet equipment created the ecosystem, and all start-ups relations the most obvious, is also the most traditional way is to app store. By yesterday, millet app store a total of 5 billion distribution amount, another two months, maybe a month to distribute quantity can be up to 1 billion.

why can we get such a good data? On the one hand, millet mobile phone activity is higher; On the other hand, due to the system closely integrated and we pay more attention to the user experience, millet mobile phone app store distribution from millet can probably accounts for about 80%. This number can be seen that when combined closely with the hardware and software and the application system of power is very big.

in addition to simple distribution, over the past year we have gradually to all the developers proposed all sorts of more services, is now widely used on millet news push, now has hundreds of millions of millet push affect users. Also includes other third-party login account, payment application and cloud storage.

in addition to these very traditional way just now, now there is a new way, in the service, in fact much larger aggregate is not so high frequency of service, but it is very useful in life services, such as taking a taxi, prepaid phone, order, order, to get a ticket. If before is by push software, through the release of the software provide ecological services here, more to the publishing service ability, give you a more natural entrance.

now each user needs to be done in the scene in life is very much, hand if every life scenes with an APP, one of the things is not very practical. We do is to make the system has a better entrance, integrating these services. In the whole process, the developers to further strengthen the brand and recognition.

if the first is a very traditional distributed application, the second is that we provide a series of possible entrance capacity distribution, there is a better entrance, the entrance actually does not exist in the system, such as our cooperation and mai di. On millet mobile phone can’t find any menu and entry outside mai di said on the Internet, the entrance is instant. To the environment, and when you find you can have this ability, the system will prompt you to in this environment you have this ability, this is the so-called intelligent entrance.

when millet consider ecosystem, not just consider I can provide a lot of distribution capacity, we think more is how can let users better use of your ability.

smart hardware ecosystem: make equipment for the center with routers connected

after the millet, we do have a lot of traditional home appliance industry is in communication with us, we all hope to do intelligent household, but found a problem, if every smart home the contents have strong computing ability and connectivity, actually the cost is high. When we do the router, we imagine that a center App, there is a considerable storage, computing and connectivity, when other devices and its communication, its ability to don’t need too much.

just say the Internet is smart, in this ecosystem, we hope to the router as the center, will do a lot of important the surrounding equipment. In this scenario, not only complete the so-called usage scenario, it is more important when the equipment connectivity, internal software agreement what is the most reasonable and efficient, through these form, when hardware ability, can make people smart devices better combined with our web.

electric business platform ecosystem: is China’s third largest electric business platform

millet and a platform, everyone has some neglect is electric business platform, millet electric business platform has reached last year, China’s third largest points on the platform, and we don’t just sell mobile phone, sell all kinds of things.

we ecosystem in the investment of a factory last year sold more than 400 400 headsets. Mobile power supply is also very good, for example, perhaps only less than a year in the history, the company has just started we have and what do they do in this matter, we are their important investors, they use our electric business platform, by the end of this year, very promising to make China’s best selling mobile power supply manufacturer. By the end of next year, platform, through the global point is likely to be the world’s largest mobile power supply manufacturers. This is a very successful example, how can we rely on our platform, to develop the market rapidly.

millet ecosystem, it is the mobile Internet, smart hardware, electric business platform so three circles. Startup now actually every part of the company’s products have the Internet, even some of the hardware part, the need to be very good platform to launch to the service, the hardware equipment sold, millet take three parties form a complete ecosystem: service to distribute, hardware can be Shared, all appreciation can have a selling point.