Future MacBook keyboard may be this: can change, with sensors

the latest time we see the apple has been innovation in the field of mobile, iPhone, tablet… Actually apple Mac experience, has been trying to improve from apple’s latest submit patents about the keyboard, we can see a very fancy notebook input experience.

apple in each key to become “buttons stack” (keystacks) as the name implies, it is no longer just a simple button, but contains electronic components, sensors and switches, each button has a small screen is used to display content.

now mobile phone with a physical keyboard is increasingly rare, reason is diverse, including virtual touch keyboard relative to the physical keyboard flexibility advantages. Virtual keyboard can be hidden to provide a greater visual space, the virtual keyboard can be adjusted according to the change of language rows layout, the virtual keyboard can even according to the transformation of various forms (full keyboard input environment, scratchable latex, digital… ), and the physical keyboard is appear very dull. Apple this keyboard patent seems to combine physical keyboard and the advantages of the virtual keyboard, on the one hand, to ensure that the entity notebook computer keyboard input handle, on the other hand since home row with display and sensor and control switch, so can also be flexible according to the application to run on a MacBook or set the language to switch different input environment.

the MacBook in different countries have different versions, for example with the Japanese version of Japanese character, with special letters of the German class/Spanish version, and so on. If the new keyboard patent, it might be as convenient as the iPhone language switching.

in addition, each keystroke take small screens and controller, and the lower part in computer combined into a new display space, which can bring the new play is worth looking forward to.

but not necessarily patent must implement, when many large enterprises to apply for a patent for offensive and defensive purposes, defensive competitors apply similar patent, patent to prevent your opponent’s research and development, and so on, not necessarily will land on the real product.

even if so, let’s care expect apple to bring some innovation in the field of laptop, even if it’s just the keyboard.