Galaxy Note 4 photos, also want to change into metal frame!

there are less than a month’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 4 “movements”, were involved in consumers’ hearts. Recently, more than from the GSM Arena claimed to be a Galaxy Note 4 photos, once again aroused people’s attention. It is important to note that the picture display equipment seem to use the metal frame.

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if the photos above information is true, what is the minimum we can infer that two very important information. First, the so-called Galaxy Note 4 on the back of the leather does not appear there has been a “pseudo braided line” design; Second, the Galaxy Note 4 borders seem to use the metal material.

what’s interesting is that not long ago, the media reported that samsung will soon sell a configuration all metal frame of the equipment, the Galaxy Alpha.

in view of the results of the continuous decline, samsung announced will in future products using new materials.

according to media reports, according to the information of the Galaxy Note 4 will configure 5.7 inch screen, 2560 x 1440 resolution. It is reported that samsung Galaxy Note, to be published next month 3 formal 4.