Galaxy S5 “variation” strikes: the Galaxy K can be 10 times zoom

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, samsung on 29th of this month at a conference in Singapore, officially launched the Galaxy K (also called the Galaxy S5 Zoom). As the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s successor, the characteristic of this kind of mobile phone is has a strong ability, behind the camera through the push and pull for 10 x Zoom.

samsung officials had already sent out invitations to the media, but did not disclose the specific configuration of the phone. Hunting cloud network editor jun from media reports for the following information:

4.8 -inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of 720 p;

carry 6 nuclear samsung Exynos 5 Hecta processor;

2 gb of RAM;

20 million megapixel camera (S4 Zoom is 16 million), xenon flash, 10 times Zoom capability;

based on the Android 4.4.2 system.

pricing we also is not clear about this phone. Last year listed S4 Zoom is priced at 4500 RMB.