Gather beauty is superior, jingdong: why is knowing that there are people buy fakes?

cloud network hunting note: gather the jingdong and other well-known electricity sales fake goods become the hot topic today, as a listed company’s beauty and jingdong, is undoubtedly a counterfeits lethality huge scandal? Why to happen? The author’s general think that this is electricity fake fake.

the author: general (public number: itlaoyou – com)

on July 28, tencent technology a manuscript and secretly electricity fake goods chain: poly beauty and other stakeholders know false “counterfeits widely spread. The manuscript, the authors survey to some third-party vendors called purchasing luxury goods overseas actually comes from the mainland, by making false documents of certification in gather beauty is superior, jingdong mall and other platforms. And, this is not an individual phenomenon, tens of thousands of such companies is the size of the electric business platform supplier.

and electric business platform need to do is to pretend I don’t know, leave these selling fake third-party vendors to sell the space, you enjoy selling traffic, some income and sales. Once found, can respond, this is the third party in selling fake goods.

as written script, gather beauty is superior statement come: “auspicious peng hengye” selling luxury goods, such as watches, all of its products has been on sale from the third party platform under the emergency stop, the shops were shut down at once. To buy “cheung peng hengye” shop goods consumers, we sincerely apologize, and will provide unconditional return service.

the “winning” is a luxury watches, handbags category. However after gather beauty is superior’s main product is also wash not to drop as fake beauty makeup products of “original sin”. Previously, jingdong mall is given priority to with 3 c of the product is not fake, and POP since the business platform, how to control the third party merchandise has become its must face the challenge.

this paper wants to research the problem is, since baidu, weibo literally search you know these special offer luxury and special beauty makeup product fake goods very much, why would anyone buy?

a, high effective pledge endorsement

recently, jingdong group CEO liu pin is adopted its internal marketing training has been widely spread in the conference said. If the jingdong platform is fake, “he said,” with day cat is no different from taobao, jingdong and no value.

liu pointed out that at the same time, the cost will increase businessmen sell fake goods, make jingdong maximum put an end to fake goods, if found to have stores selling fakes, closed shop is the first step, may let merchants merchants have to lose everything even to criminal liability to pay compensation.

why regardless of internal conference will get so widely spread, not to mention also directly attack competitors whether moral, but it was promised, and stood on the moral high ground words really can see these messages to the user feel a bit more at ease.

to see beauty is superior ms Chen, foreign repeatedly mentioned “since founded, the company has been adhering to the user experience as the highest appeal, promises” 100% authentic “and” opened 30 days unconditional return policy.”

and gather beauty is superior the Chinese cosmetics genuine alliance anti-counterfeiting code introduced by endorsement, the organizer behind the so-called alliance is “China quality journey” magazine, but on the Alexa connection point to gather beauty is superior. Originally, the so-called association behind is gather beauty is superior. Of course, has now been modified, but there are historical screenshots.

the greatest deception is actually duplicity, while at the same time pledged commitment without the counterfeit goods. W as counterfeits.

2, category feature

before the jingdong mall introducing POP third-party platform, really don’t have to worry about the problem of fake goods completely. Because the 3 c product itself can endorsement for himself. But also started with B2C has been haunted by fakes gather beauty is superior, the key is the category of the product sales.

some products can now be done endorsement itself, such as apple mobile phone, with security systems, high-end liquor brand electrical appliances product, etc. But some products can only rely on brand licensing to ensure quality, such as beauty makeup products, bags, watches and other luxury brand.

it is known that the beauty makeup products, luxury brand themselves electric business participation is relatively low, even if USES electric business channel sales, also does not destroy the original basic price system. For part of the so-called “critical” product, even if the original sales also need to set limit to, rather than on the Internet for low discount, peatlands.

however, the category in the traditional channels of domestic price is fixed, but the price is relatively cheap abroad. This information to consumers create illusion, oneself can be purchased through the network to the overseas sales of low-cost beauty makeup, luxury goods. Although the fact is that the real overseas cannot meet the demand of such a huge discount products.

the comparison of brand recognition, audience, low

a nots allow to ignore the fact that cheat users themselves to the recognition ability of the products is low.

although gather beauty is superior users more concentrated in the second – and third-tier cities, but complaints by buy fake goods, and to look for the media is more first-tier cities of users.

in first-tier cities, by contrast, users of products are more familiar with, stronger consciousness. This from a superior to gather in the United States for the employee can get over there, the delivery time will also look at the address of the buyer, if it is a three or four line city, can consider to send fake goods, the proportion of the first-tier cities will be lower.

in addition, three or four line city women actually buy quality goods in the formal channels of lower probability, the price is very high, but to buy less when convenient.

as a result, a large number of users actually never use authentic high-end or luxury skin care products. The first time to buy is in beauty is superior, after really will continue after purchase, this perhaps is gather beauty is superior propaganda of the user after purchase rate reached more than 80% of the causes.

4, teamed up with fraud

why do you say third-party vendors to produce fake things gather beauty is superior, jingdong mall is to blame, all third party forged documents that is a question of a third party, platform screened out is also understandable. The purchase of electric business platform, however, were the personage inside course of study, have so many foreign purchasing luxury goods for domestic sale this things, how could I don’t know?

even if the third party suppliers so cunning, after the product sales after-sales information is abnormal, in addition to the question about fakes, online reaction luxury watch movement broken, and so on, this information enough to the benefit of the platform? But also have no.

to buy fake goods consumers usually have several reaction, some people do not know is fake, fun to use. Some people have doubts, but not sure, customer service will tell them, these are the products of overseas purchase, is not the same as domestic sales of products. Said if you still insist on, the customer will have counters the fake certificate can return, but in fact counters may not issue a certificate.

there are assertive, sure is fake, the customer service will silence, unconditional return. Most people go to return, this thing is over. But the return of the people on the platform of the leave no trace, nor are reserved for product evaluation. Only a few people will insist on rights, a voice to help other consumers don’t be deceived.

in plain English, sell fake goods is in the “stupid”, as long as enough platform flow, buy enough users, there will be a steady stream of people continue to cheat. After return it can give consumers a real reference information is not retained in the platform.

and it is due to deceive consumers is a industrial chain, rather than an individual makes normal scheme was more difficult to see through.

5, public opinion guide

the author had written about the beauty of contributions for the optimal product selling fake goods, is not gather beauty is superior to any official reply. However, several time channel is not hair, the other explanation is that beauty is superior is its customers.

Compared to

it can be said that the quality goods, fake profits really is very high, a small kind of cosmetics, cost 1 yuan in gather beauty is superior to sales to 30 yuan. The profits made can be used in these companies have plenty of cash control on public opinion. Spread its want to spread the content of the control of its adverse comments.

were impressed by the author, a handsome young leader after 80, through the efforts to lead the company listed on nasdaq.

as a motivational model of countless people, by users of the 234 cities in the WeChat spread a wide circle of friends.

and another company was widely spread in the case, a company executives because took a paper box was fired, it is zero tolerance for bribery, fake goods.

such leaders, such a company, how would it be possible to sell fakes? Even the author himself to doubt yourself. But as a result, their management platform, started selling fake goods, and quantity.