Get up early catch the late set Skype will add “real-time voice translation” function

a few days ago, it was officially announced that Microsoft’s voice communication tool, Skype will add “real-time voice translation” function. Skype Microsoft points out, the future will become the world, the communication users the best communication tools.

this function called Skype Translator, is developed by Microsoft Translator and Skype team together. Code in a meeting, we can see the function can let the user between English and German, and automatic translation. In the future the function will support the implementation of more language translation.

Microsoft points out Skype Translator reflects the company has long been a natural language recognition, automatic machine translation, and other areas of the basic investment results.

in addition, according to Microsoft, according to data in the same life Skype currently active number of users to 300 million, by passing it tomorrow the voice of the total length of 2 billion minutes.

no matter how fancy the collection function, moving between the nature of IM is to let people keep real-time, stable demand of communication. The advent of the era of mobile Internet to people of different nationality crossed the geographical restrictions of the fence. But the barrier between different languages exist for a long time. If Skype really can smooth the Translator’s experience, so we believe that Microsoft doesn’t need to buy another WhatsApp like Facebook.