Giant, under the application distribution market and change anything

author: Zhu Yi (WeChat: izhuyi WeChat number: public zhuyiweixin)

recently, baidu, vice President of history’s most years ago ming-yuan li was reported, the big news triggered heated debate in the industry. Ming-yuan li attention because he now dominate the baidu mobile, giant any movements can cause the change of the market.

ming-yuan li is leading the people behind the baidu to buy 91, focus on application market nature are very concerned about the matter. They to the topic, in addition to known as the 91, peas thereof, application distribution market and what could be worth saying?

this is going to lead to another topic, product market will break of billions dollars only be hot industry, products are only behind the traders capital bosses, shen also not excited on weibo publicly expressed product will only love. Wei will be in addition to ali, tencent, baidu, netease, 360, the domestic Internet enterprises success among the few billions dollars a member of the club.

around the size of a, is actually want to use the industry hotspot, lead to another six months rose four times the case, also has a background of sequoia capital: Skye network.

long-term focus on telecom business people is no stranger to Skye network, this is a log in the us market as early as in 2010 established the mobile Internet business. And baidu, netease and other Internet compared to large ships, Skye network in the Internet in the river’s lake, the ship is not particularly conspicuous. But recently in just half a year’s time, just smart business transformation Skye network shares rose nearly 4 times, this had to let the industry began to focus on Skye, what has happened to the story?

it and kay network layout.

in 2013, there was a one of the largest in the history of China’s Internet market m&a cases, even in mergers and acquisitions in the history of the Internet in the world, can also serve as a big, it is baidu 1.9 billion to $1.9 billion for the mobile application distribution enterprises.

baidu is willing to spend huge sum of money to buy 91, the reason is nothing but need to increase in the strength of the mobile distribution channels, mobile portal. Baidu to buy 91 caused the industry effect is very obvious, from the subsequent events of mergers and acquisitions, as you can see, the giants for mobile Internet entrance competition is fierce. Ali have acquired for investment, weibo, Allies, Scott maps, etc., more not to be outdone, tencent directly by di di and fast “war” and ali launched mobile Internet century war.

baidu to buy 91 directly to pea pods carried the sedan chair, catalytic the progress of its financing. Peas, founder of the excitement is impressive.

360, baidu, peas, etc in the traditional sense of mobile application distribution market in combat, in another dimension, Skye network is “latent” new mobile application distribution market. 2013, Skye network split of a subsidiary, product technology, this is not known what the company do?

the industry friend told me that the magic of mobile distribution of product technology do and and only 91, 91 is a work on online, and the magic is working in offline. And the magic is tasted give fusion operators carry the most significance of traffic management, it is a giant not tread.

the magic product technology is how to operate? Circulation at the end of the cell phones are a link is the key store sales, if occupied stores, is equivalent to occupy the first bridgehead of mobile Internet, its strategic significance is self-evident. With the cooperation of a typical operator province as an example, its the province more than seven thousand business hall or social channels, unified use magic product technology research and development of mobile phone assistant. So in close cooperation and operators, the magic can hand in hand resources, occupy the mobile application distribution channels.

again, why is mobile unicom company will and magic items like cooperation? The reason is very simple. Magic items for telecom operators introduced a “private” custom “, through the use of products to provide solutions, operators can flow more cash in his hands, as much as to say, magic items have solved the problem of telecom operators cyclic flow consumption.

this is a set of business logic basic:

the magic items for the telecom operators to provide traffic management solution a operators through the magic product assistant service provide customers with a magic item by operating in the market for traffic operators and content distribution return a return and sharing a operators to the product to provide more with mobile phones.

such a cyclic flow down, magic items have been implemented at the present stage of the daily average of more than 50000 installations, it is a what concept, equivalent to the magic items can have each year nearly 20 million mobile phones with size, coupled with the ongoing development and pilot, if smooth development, will be very significant level. And as far as I know, giant in the mobile distribution market, and even can achieve the price of ten dollars to a mobile phone, this is a very attractive market.

besides pre-installed market, magic phone assistant in online power is increasingly revealed. Especially in three or four line city, with its offline distribution ability, magic products mobile phones assistant client activity is very high, “the dream silk” groups use application frequency is quite considerable. Giants play is exalted tall strategy, and product strategy is the rural areas to encircle the cities, as to how effective, executive force is very important.

the industry friend said to me, the future application distribution market Matthew effect will be more and more obvious, the constant is strong, the strong ones Evergrande, the parties will do our best to grab resources, market competition will be fierce.