God! This technology allows you to furniture of choose and buy like 3 d movies

although now online shopping has a lot of people is the main way of shopping, but there are still quite a few people like to actually see things material, size and then make a decision, therefore, the store of experience, is also indispensable. But sometimes, can appear such a situation, see special fitting design, but material didn’t like it so much, if at this time to change material, can design have to bear the material one thousand out of step, the risk of integral style do not take tone.

however, Y Combinator recently hatched VizeraLabs a startup incubator has brought a new projection project, just can solve problems plaguing consumers material replacement. Based on VizeraLabs projection equipment, the user can instantly experience the material the effect after the replacement. Through 3 d projection technology and Microsoft access equipment, thick VizeraLabs will exhibit the furniture of pictures to a stereo, and more intuitive analog display. At the same time, with the improvement of the relevant material, design the cloud database, the user’s choice also more and more widely.

although the projection display compared with actual exhibit display items or some of the differences, from a distance simulation is still not bad, but close to the can see the difference. But at least VizeraLabs brought an entirely new sensory experience, more real than the atlas.

in VizeraLabs point of view, the layout of the future home store will be more compact, using their own projection technology, displays the model number can be streamlined, user chosen design style, choose good material, you can see the projection of simulation results, and easy to complete the online purchase.

in fact, in the planning of VizeraLabs, household display simulation is that this kind of 3 d projection technology, projection technology in the future will also be used in other fields, such as home purchase wall paper, choosing paint preview of the experience, etc.; Or is the CAD rendering projection on the model of 3 d printing, to show the development of products; In the exhibition hall, or is used to display different color design of the same model cars. (interested friends can, very interesting!)

VizeraLabs the startup from Turkey, now also in Turkey, the bay area on the test a few retail stores, future plans for early adopters subscription fee. The specific price has not announced, but according to the founder, Ali? Evik, the future price will pay attention to the rationality, at least for businesses, ordering cost is worth at least a month after using projection technology to increase the three pieces of product sales.