Good credit entrepreneurial public class share 】 【 network CEO ming-shun li: eight directions to transform traditional finance

network CEO li Ming good credit and creamy YY, founder of li3 xue2 ling2 is at the China youth daily’s colleague, now a two people entered the hot Internet financial, a entered the hot online education. Li3 xue2 ling2 earlier ideas about change education industry is widely spread, the Internet finance, ming-shun li last weekend in hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses on Shared his understanding, what are the dry goods?

ming-shun li on hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses do share

financial existence rivers market

ming-shun li had successful entrepreneurial experience before, but into the financial industry is a cross-border, crossover idea started in a home experience. Ming-shun li home in yangzhou, he found that there are several friends in the local small loan companies, although yangzhou is just a small city with a population of two million, but there are more than 60 such small loans companies, looked out again, 600, jiangsu province, the country has more than 6000 (now 8000). The reasons of the existence of these small loans company is: people want to get a loan too hard.

and at the other end, “the rich” is in a hurry to put the money loaned out. Ming-shun li also specially for this loan company to do the investigation. He found a salesman need hundreds of phone calls, often thousands of calls a month to complete a single, actually want to lend out money also can be difficult. Ming-shun li also found that most of the small loan company is very LOW. An intuitive feeling is, a lot of small loan companies and institutions doesn’t even have their own websites, even it is the practice of primitive society.

inadvertently, ming-shun li found that financial markets there is a surge in underground river below.

on both sides of the rivers flow is rolling demand, if the demand of both grafting, is clearly a very big market. Ming-shun li is the good credit net make it an open platform of Internet, docking at the ends of the demand. At present, good credit net has as many as 2000 institutions and established a partnership, baidu financial, 58, market etc. With good credit network in early financial search system. His idea is to place all loan transactions, there are good credit network.

so, in the face of traditional financial the behemoth, how to reform?

on business ethics, ming-shun li summed up can transform traditional financial from eight aspects.

1, the traditional financial complex, Internet financial simple

simple! The financial industry, the Internet more advocate simple, too complicated, for instance, some words do not understand, trust, money is becoming more and more in how to make money. The financial model is too complex, ordinary users don’t understand. The Internet lets users become more easy to use and cognitive more transparent, more simple business logic to the entire world. What is the power of simple, nokia has a keyboard, but no manual, all specifications, will be reversed will be affected.

2, traditional financial logic is complex, the Internet financial user experience great!

although the banking industry has said the Internet financial has been done for many years, but in the use of the actual scenario, often will encounter all sorts of awkward. Login e-currency payment need many steps, pay treasure to three steps, and micro letter only need to pay further two steps, the user experience.

3, party a and party b,

the bank to work, you can’t do anything after work. Go to the bank to handle affairs, any deal to pay all kinds of information, is very complicated and trouble. The Internet financial pursues the customer is god, can uninterrupted service 24 hours a day.

4, charge and free

in the traditional financial institutions, everywhere need to spend money, can the Internet financial services completely free and accumulating vast amounts of user is won.

5, risk and opportunity

because of business logic is too complex, users with traditional financial industry like a hazy, many do not know where risk exists in, Internet financial because simple, so the chances of conception.

6, assets and value

in accordance with the standards of the banking sector now, many listed companies are not loans, because the house is rented, the computer is depreciation, furniture is broken. Traditional financial worth don’t think people, only in accordance with the land, real estate, equipment to assess the value of enterprises. Banking if there is no change, to see what is asset value. We see is the opportunity, they see is a risk.

7, short-term interests and long-term interests

traditional financial does not have innovation spirit, more care about the interests of the eyes. The Internet financial set up new interests distribution mechanism, can maximize the achieve win-win, care more about long-term benefits.

8, talent and money

is not only brought about by the Internet technology and thinking, more is brought about by the new view of people, for the mechanism of the reconstruction, the latest interest distribution mechanism, make innovation become the owner of the company.

the entrepreneurial friend ask ming-shun li if you can dig the cow! Ming-shun li share their own experience:

dig a cattle people before, and it is better to let oneself become a person, it is easy to attract talents. Second, think it the best people, who are the best people, find the real this Daniel, and honest communication, if your idea is very fit, similar views products together easily. Third, for these people to do the interests of the appropriate arrangements, in front of the person different, suitable for different solutions. In general it takes a lot of time and energy.