Goodbye “female jobs -” apple “pr” evil queen

for apple in recent 20 years, Katie Cotton leaves. As Mr Jobs’s closest friend, apple’s “mouthpiece”, Katie Cotton with “with changeless should change the so-called” public relations art, let each big science and technology media often is in a state of overwhelmed, very angry. A “no comment” let apple easily maintained a strange and mysterious, large public image.

Recode evaluation Katie Cotton is close comrade-in-arms of jobs, help the company completed the belongs only to its story; The Verge, points out that she is in shaping The apple external image, protect The mystery of launch process, plays an irreplaceable role. The Wall Street journal become her apple “gatekeeper”; TechCrunch praised her performance in “epic”…

however, science and technology media to boost, Katie Cotton, nearly has not hide them from the apple despised queen “pr”. Than they were impressed, Katie Cotton, pr art than the queen of the lofty for many years, decisive style of doing things, still evil not come loose. Even Katie Cotton is no longer in high positions, there is still no dare to output to a media questioned her for years, “public relations” evil.

the following excerpt from CNNMoney, revealed that the media has long complained about Katie Cotton, the so-called public relations art. But unfortunately, in this paper, which was taken down soon.

Katie Cotton is a typical representative of the “apple pr”. On the surface, always let you feel she is modest and polite, but in fact she seldom provide any valuable information for journalists.

she has consistently with the media and journalists keep sense of alienation. She complained reporter wrote apple, don’t love apple. But in my opinion, apple’s story, does not necessarily means that if we apple fans. But before she left, the idea didn’t stay in her mind.

its public relations art, can arm high in 18 years, Katie Cotton story may be as wonderful as in the jobs. As mother of twins, apple’s notion of “leaving for family reasons” makes sense. But something is, since jobs died, Katie Cotton in apple’s job description is changed.

a part of people’s ability to pr, Katie Cotton praised, they think that the queen adhere to the “less is more” pr concept of art. Others believe, Katie Cotton, consciously or unconsciously in the “unqualified” pr work.

a familiar joke is that apple’s pr team basically is equivalent to the effect of “voice mail” automatically. As long as one has things happen, we get the answer from Katie Cotton, team — “no comment”, and so on. Some analysts believe that Katie Cotton can be referred to as “gatekeeper” of apple, but she has to say what is “public art”, is a joke.

however, from another perspective, if Katie Cotton is really a mediocre man, also won’t such a long time to stay in the company, and get jobs. We should understand is, for apple company like, sometimes “said more than less, less than a silence”.

someone put the apple Katie Cotton pr rule of art summed up in two points: the first is the silence, the second is fear.

and a public relations problems and even crisis, other companies are scrambling for clarification, apple has always maintained the attitude. Apple’s answer to the outside world is either silent, either short stylized answer like operating instructions. However, it was this cold attitude, make the apple from beginning to end the mystery of the tall outside influence. More importantly, sometimes silent, no trace can find the answer, can have a bigger effect.

Katie Cotton pr another essence of art is to make people feel fear. No one know what apple will do, no one can understand more apple how to do it. However, doing nothing is not equal to apple really have nothing to do.

a news that tells the story of a small: about Katie Cotton,

Katie Cotton, do me asking if I catch a cold better. I answer her I have a good. Then I looked at her in amazement as the asked: “how do you know I have a cold?” At this time, there was another man who turned around and said to me: “don’t be silly, no Katie Cotton, don’t know!”

we don’t know whether this is Katie Cotton art of public relations for many years. But there is no doubt that Katie Cotton with consistent restraint, alienation, contributed to apple’s exclusive external image. We also need to dig Katie Cotton leave the real reason, for the female version of the jobs, we should send you deeply wishes!