Google acquired during the first half of expenditure of $4.2 billion, double compared to the same

on July 26, because of the Internet search giant Google is busy to expand its scope of business, the company in the first half of this year in the acquisition of spending to $4.2 billion. For more than three times a year earlier.

, according to Google Friday to submit the relevant documents of the company in February this year $3.2 billion acquisition of smart home devices business Nest Labs, and also spent $1 billion acquisition of other companies. Google, by contrast, in the same period of last year in the acquisition of spending just $1.3 billion.

in the first half of this year in terms of acquisition, not including the cost of $1 billion purchase of home video monitoring per company Skybox Dropcam and micro satellite Imaging, because the two deals in the first half of this year has not been completed.

Google’s acquisition of spending sharply rising suddenly, lies in its core search business support, also the extension of the scope of business to mobile, telecommunications, and unmanned field. The company’s small acquisitions this year already unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), video advertising fields, to name but a few.

the company said in a document: “the acquisition will generally promote our breadth and depth in engineering, and can be extended to other functional areas, and improve our technology and increase our product type.”

Google also revealed in this file, Texas attorney general’s office at the heart of the Google search engine antitrust investigations of business is over. In July 2010, the Texas attorney general’s office began to investigate whether Google is weaken competition behavior.

last year, the federal trade commission (FTC) and Google also reached a settlement agreement, an end to the search giant for 20 months of antitrust investigation. In February this year, the European Union antitrust agencies also reached a settlement agreement with Google on antitrust issues. Google in the search results, in a similar way to promote their services, according to results from competitors. At the start of the agreement, have been a lot of critics. (li)

source: tencent technology