Google acquired image analysis startup Jetpac

August 16 news, Google will acquire image analysis startup Jetpac, hope in the process of organizing information, better through the desktop and mobile advertising.

based in San Francisco, Jetpac photos through them and other social sharing tools city tour guide service. Through the analysis of food, decoration and the character images, Jetpac software will analyze the various characteristics of the city. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Google acquisition actions frequently recently. Earlier this month, the company announced the acquisition of smart phone message application of Emu and Directr video production services, improve the technical strength of mobile and advertising market. Regulatory documents released last month, Google in the first half of this year for acquisition of spending more than tripled, to $4.2 billion. But a spokesman for the company declined to comment.

JetPac by Pete Warden (Pete Warden) and Julian Green (Julian Green) founded, the current CEO, Green Warden as CTO. JetPac so far has been by Khosla Ventures such as venture capital firms raised $2.4 billion.

as more and more people upload photos and video to the Internet, image analysis service demand is also growing. Facebook earlier this year invested in a artificial intelligence laboratory, hoping to strengthen the understanding of images and video content.

there are three Jetpac smartphone applications, including a city guide assistant, an image analyzer and a detection tool. The company said on its web site, these applications will no longer be available to download, and related support services will also be at the end of September 15.

Google has been improving localization and mapping services, the company paid $1.1 billion for last year map startup Waze. (dinghong)

source: sina science and technology