Google acquisition Appetas and continue to buildup competition with Yelp

Google has always been to local business full of interest, to use Google search/map + the combination of the local information against Yelp (domestic similar products is public comments). Google today and bought a food company tool Appetas to enrich my product line.

Appetas help small and medium-sized catering business quickly and construction sites, and allow them to introduce third-party service implementation such as GrubHub and OpenTable Courier or reservation function.

after the buyout by Google, Appetas will close service, and help the original business migration to the relevant platform using the service.

Appetas founder said: “Google and Appetas share the same vision: to bring local merchants very simple experience to enhance their business. We are very excited, with our experience in Appetas learned in Google to create a better product.”

Appetas founded in 2012, has only made a $120000 in financing.

Google had acquired 2010 Zagat restaurant grading service based on Location, and integrating it into the Google + Location. But the poor relationship between Google and Yelp, Yelp has establish cooperative relations and Microsoft’s Bing and the map of apple. Foreign media evaluation said in the United States, Yelp catering service information provided by both quality and detail are better than Google. Buy Appetas is Google expansion of local information, especially catering industry vertical information is part of a plan. Appetas team to join Google, is likely to continue in this area.