Google and the traditional auto makers: have to embrace two hedgehogs

when it comes to automotive manufacturing, many people think of the motor city, Detroit and about manufacturing of driverless cars, more people would have thought that just finished at the Google I/O. Yes, with the development of science and technology, the traditional automotive also ushered in the new element — driverless cars.

brand manufacturers such as gm, Mercedes, Volvo has been working on related technologies in recent years, while Google has contact each big car makers in 2012, and hopes to reach a cooperation of self-driving car production. But Detroit’s auto “descent” and ultimately failed to Google the “outsiders” agree – performance, to the time to market, from the car to the depth of cooperation, both sides are not unified. Once the personnel evaluation “as the two sides said in two different languages,” degree of differences is so great that cooperation has dropped.

after all, for Detroit’s auto makers, Google the company’s silicon valley lineage is too deep, that doesn’t care about the risks and opportunities coexist of style, for Detroit, industrialists, appears some radical and conceit.

the evolution of traditional industrialists solution

most of Detroit’s auto makers choose to gradually increase the performance of the model, step by step to join automatic lane alignment, such as automatic parking technology. At the same time, these industrialists to add new performance is also cautious, etc. The demand on the market often enough to pay for the input will start after adding new properties.

but the personage inside course of study says, although these motors for unmanned project maintain wait-and-see attitude, also did not choose to start cooperation with Google, but they are keeping a close eye on the Google project, hope to be able to command the development intention of Google. “Automakers aren’t sure whether Google is an ally or an enemy, but you can predict Google’s move will lead the industry shift.”

Internet upstart reform

unlike traditional Detroit auto companies often slowly, Google hopes to step more development in place. The automobile manufacturers representatives said in 2012, when Google for unmanned project very urgent for the development of performance, there is a “we know what you’re doing, you as long as it is good to help” sense of ego. And careful carmakers don’t want to let oneself get involved in an unknown future plans, after all of these industrialists, test is not free to do, brand image can’t afford to injury.

in the end, the Detroit cooperation stranded let Google alone down the path of prototype build driverless cars. But if driverless cars went into operation eventually, Google is not avoid and Detroit industrialists teamed up again — or Google have to hit the cost of tens of millions of the auto industry to intervene without any experience.

new image and new patterns

Google driverless cars not only new technology, design also is different from traditional – the layout of the two above, the front windshield elastic surface, have aided navigation equipment, it has long left the steering wheel, brake and gas pedal. May launch the prototype, for example, driverless cars can top speed of 25 miles per hour.

in addition to looks fresh, driverless cars commercial patterns were different. Google founders sergey brin said, driverless cars will provide when consumer provides instant response services, so as to reduce automobile spare rate. This service will reverse the car for a long time the private mode, and, according to j.d. power car private purchases per year on average for the U.S. market with a $375 billion profit.

Google unmanned project manager Chris Urmson, said driverless cars can increase the number of car use, so that the car manufacturers and consumers benefit together. He said confidently, as long as technology mature, mature business model, auto makers will show interest and cooperation intention.

KPMG according to last year’s study in terms of unmanned, American consumers will be more inclined to trust Google, apple, this kind of Internet technology company. Gm’s global product development director Mark Reuss also admitted that Google will be a very competitive opponent.

Advantages and accountability

when it comes to business model, unmanned project will be free from the fatigue driving consumers, using Google search page, check the information, are obviously can bring more profits for Google. URmson said that Google is also considering how to make full use of unmanned technology to profit, “and certainly not just to attract users to open a few more pages.”

a profit at the same time, also should bear liability risks. Self-driving car accident proportional amount has always been the focus of discussion, not the so-called perpetrators, had an accident if the car manufacturers to assume responsibility?

in response, Google said if because of technical problems lead to accidents, Google will assume corresponding responsibility, at the same time, driverless cars will collect the relevant information to help the proportional amount. But also some people think this way is a bit a fable – “accident proportional amount should be a lawyer, the judge and the jury to do, should not be auto makers.”

small Angle big industry

although Google in the automotive industry or a novice, but apparently Google is step by step, slowly into the traditional big industries. In January of this year, Google with gm, audi, Honda, hyundai, etc formed Open car manufacturers Alliance (Open Automotive Alliance), its Android onto the bus.

in order to better understand the provisions of the regulatory, Google also in November 2012 special hired former deputy director of the national highway traffic safety administration, Ron Medford.

it is understood that although there is no self-driving car project, an auto company on a weekly basis and automotive technical exchanges on issues such as Google.

some industry observers expect, completely autonomous driving of unmanned vehicle or as early as in 2020, but according to HIS investigation, this kind of car before 2035 is still won’t have too big market. At present, a prototype of Google produced only 100 to 200 is not released information cooperation producer, but reports pointed out that the production company is a specialized assembly Michigan small batch custom vehicle company Roush Enterprises. Roush reported declined to comment on this.

in-depth industry is not easy, Google will go

even if Google for a rainy day began to enter into auto industry, but when the driverless cars face a real production, Google still need to find a car manufacturers to cooperate. According to the personage inside course of study, such as steering and suspension of critical system design and manufacture, coordinate with various suppliers, stable quality, etc., when mass production is not once half an evening to learn. For ordinary car manufacturers to make new model needs about $10-1.5 billion, and for Google the layman, the cost may be higher.

the industry some observers have suggested that Google cooperate with tesla, after all, the company also focus on unmanned technology, with background for science and technology company also can understand the idea of Google. Or again, Google’s 60 billion budget to buy a small car manufacturers is more than enough. But there are also, analysts say such acquisitions will only add to Google’s operating burden, is not a good choice.

Google obviously unmanned project has a good prospect, but traditional Detroit auto giants obviously don’t want to see Google clueless, become the rules in the field of another.