Google balloon LTE service external plan next year

according to Google, hot air balloon project launched in the second anniversary, has made great development. Google plans to formally opened to the network access services provide Google balloon in the next year.

Google X, head of Astro Teller half-jokingly said: “you will be able to in the United States next year, in some areas of the use of the telephone and direct” dialogue “balloon floating in the air.”

total number in the phase of trial balloon has quadrupled, a total of 100. Also, the hot air balloon flight time will be increased from few days to 100 days. Next year the total number of Google balloon is expected to break through 400, in order to realize the whole network coverage.

it is worth noting that Google has now claimed that balloon can provide LTE network services for mobile phone. Now Google balloon network speed in 5 MB/s – 20 MB/s. Although the speed is not fast, but enough to make people who haven’t access networks, enjoy unprecedented experience.

Google said: “perhaps people think that use balloon to provide Internet access and some Arabian nights, but we have in this seemingly impossible road, walk half the distance.”