Google car version of the Android interface so long!

message on May 25, in this year’s CES conference, Google and nvidia announced with general motors, Honda, audi and hyundai motor launch the “Open car Alliance” (Open Automotive Alliance). They initially vague announcement, only mentioned the core principles of the plan, and will target on Android to car. From then on, we seldom hear related. Now, we have learned about Google for car version of Android (known as internal Gearhead) some of the vision.

The credibility of the

the credibility of the rumours about 70%. We believe that Google car version of the Android interface will be very close to what we see today. Of course, car makers may be in the car add their own version of the Android design elements. In the press conference, Google stressed the “open”, customization and scale, so the car maker could make full use of the flexibility, to create a personalized software, so as to distinguish it from other people’s car version of Android.

open car alliance started publishing news that started in 2014 it will be an Android promotion to the car. Now, time for more than half, it is also in the car version of the Android related announcement. However, things are always changing. This article intends to discuss the information are from earlier this year, so it is possible that the actual interface and improved a lot.


announced the news in the first place, nvidia, President and CEO jen-hsun Huang (Jen Hsun Huang) said the car is “the ultimate mobile computers,” he points out that “as car configuration super computer chips, we dream of the future car will no longer exists only in science fiction.” The current car version of Android (there are no formal name), fictional product doesn’t look like a science fiction. In the car a lot of practical functions are injected new ideas.

according to our information, the basis of auto version of the Android interface basically revolves around four different functions: navigation, music, phone and search. We can’t all aspects of the comprehensive introduction to the interface, but we know that the function of it to make calls and send text messages and what’s it like in its music interface.

we do not yet understand one aspect is the third party applications. It is understood that no primary or in car version of the Android application drawer. We expect the third party applications will show up in the car version of Android, but not sure how the user download or open them. We speculate that such as company or Audible application is perfect for settle down in the car, as long as they have for driving situation interface, which is set as far as possible the physical interaction and screen display information.


as usual, we will not rashly will not release the picture of the software. We are doing this for a reason, to protect our informant, of course, is one of the reasons. We show you our redraw interface according to the acquired information, we will, of course, be loyal to the original as possible.

here, let’s listen to the songs of interface.

we can see the car running in the application has a similar to Play Music (and, more recently, the Play Store) translucent status bar. We can also see larger, more eye-catching, can press the control key, a familiar system navigation bar and we met in the Android Wear Google search icon.


according to our judgment, the user can enter dialing interface, choose the common contact or call the number, but the user will also be able to use voice to activate the phone, they simply say, “well, Google, please call (contact name)”, just like in the Google mobile search application. We speculate that the user’s mobile phone will be via bluetooth connection with auto systems.

send a text message

send text messages can also be done through voice commands. Users only need to say, “send SMS” or “sending messages to (contact name)”, will be able to activate the car service.

in Google voice commands in the current design, blue said Google is dialogue with users. In the process, Google will be confirmed to the user what kind of information they want to use – for example, a user wants to send information to which the contact and send what kind of information. Once confirmed, the information will be sent out.

in addition, users will also be able to use voice to input information, as long as they say, “well, Google, send information to (contact name) : I might be a little late to the meeting.” Google will send this information out.

the interface is interesting is that it will not be shown to the user before it sends a message to send information. Instead, Google will repeat the reading is about to send information, and ask whether the user is willing to send. And, of course, the user can also manually send information, without having to wait for Google voice commands. This method is very close, because the user screen text in the process of driving is very dangerous. Can greatly reduce car version of Android with voice interaction distract users attention in the process of driving factors.

it also clearly shows that Google why tend to use more voice commands in the search function, reduce the number of actual hands-on.

other things

voice commands can also activate the navigation and search function in general. Car version of the Android interface in the icon to the right of the car also will show car related information, the information content is determined by the carmakers.

in addition, there was also evidence that the user may also see Google Now independent area in the interface.


version of the Android’s actual interface will ultimately decided by the manufacturers. However, it is not hard to imagine that the basic interface with Google style will appear at least in the first car version of Android. But this is not to say that we just saw is the final version. Car version of Android is still in the continuous research and development, so it’s still great changes may occur before release.

source: tencent technology