Google China’s new boss all say some what

sina science and technology Wang Rehan

this year on April 17, dozens of Google employees gathered in the Google Beijing headquarters in wudaokou, advance together to celebrate the western Easter symbol vitality and hope. In addition to the distance railway bubbling from the mouth, in the work zone other areas still kept quiet.

the original suit Shi Bo au (ScottBeaumont) from a heralded campaign to get out and put on the white T-shirt, with Google logo into the festivities in the crowd. His hands in his pockets, grinned, and looked at the two men in game of inflatable outward balloon trample on each other.

from responsible for European business to Google greater China’s then President, Shi Bo au said he was willing to accept the challenge of China’s market of changes. Google the size large, is rich in the creative technology company, going through all the ups and downs in China, also has been trying to balance the globalization and localization.

today, Google’s search share has dropped from a peak of 30% to 2%, and the marketing and advertising is still maintain leading position. As a telecommunication background of professional managers, Shi Bo au high-profile in the Chinese market movements.

Google greater China President Shi Bo au (Scott Beaumont)

Google employees to celebrate western Easter scenario, two men in game of inflatable outward balloon trample on each other.

Google China

face full of vitality, the most demographic dividend in China market, technology giant Google focus on it and never stops.

adherence to the “integration of the global information for public use, benefit the people” the idea of Google in the world’s major countries have set up regional headquarters, the co-founder larry page (LarryPage), his vision is to spread the brains of Google in the world, to improve the information dissemination mechanism.

the Chinese market is that they can’t ignore or unwilling to lost ground. Wired magazine in the United States, senior writer StevenLevy once writings said: “as early as ten years ago, Google has one the notion that China has important strategic meaning for Google.”

miss China, probably means giving up billions of demographic dividend. And that, in the tech world also the news early.

in Shi Bo au is still few interviews, often there will be Google out of the question and inquiring voice China. He basic doesn’t shy away from this kind of problem, but said: “we don’t have to leave China, Weare here (we) here.”

Shi Bo au was born in Britain, both from a personal experience or from the perspective of cultural beliefs in the previous word not to do with China.

however, the former deputy head of the t-mobile, in charge of the international strategic cooperation business he, to adapt to the Chinese market, have room to handle various relations, that’s where he is good at.

as a professional manager, in an interview with public or small, he will be wearing a suit is straight. In respect of domestic foreign speaking, Shi Bo au would like other Google executives, Google China pr department more reference opinions, faster adapt to China to help him.

although he was in charge of business strategy and co-operation in Europe, including the expansion of e-commerce, and approached by Internet service providers and media publishers, etc. But the Chinese market competition and complexity, and covers more than the European operations, still have some cultural differences between languages.

when he just took office, from the Google search from Google. Cn jump to, four years. Mr Liu has experienced that stage, lead the team to the maximum expected direction.

Shi Bo au once told the media in an interview, Mr Liu after leaving office, gave him a running machine, is not everything, but success is need technology and talent here. Currently, Google everyday want to interview a number of technical and marketing job applicants.

in his tenure, Google power is mainly in two aspects: one is to recruit more hardware and software engineers for product research and development, the second is to defend and promote advertising and marketing business.

“we are in the balance of both business and technology, the main strategy is to help companies use of digital technology, stabilize and expand its business.” Shi Bo au told sina science and technology.

To meet the challenge

however, the plan sounds is not fresh, is Google China in recent years, the main management strategy.

count Shi Bo au foreign activities since taking office, is mainly about digital marketing, advertising and social public welfare activities. Such as the first appearance of DoubleClick activities, such, and GoogleTrends boost domestic game companies to expand overseas, foreign published about digital marketing concept, and in the campus and college students’ innovative undertaking, etc.

after taking office, he frequently appear in the public eye, it seems to see his determination and goals.

but for him, as Google greater China President challenge in where? “China is a country with a dynamic, fierce competition and tremendous changes, and there are significant challenges.” He said.

and the challenge in his view, the personal aspects from different difficulties of language, culture and thought, and met and startup similar high strength and fast-paced work environment, the distribution of personal energy on the challenge; Work, he said, “decided to cooperate with which to work in order to obtain the optimal effect is a difficult problem”.

at present, Google and alibaba, baidu’s rival, is also a partner. “In today’s digital world, we need to contribute their strength, and other partners, and work together to build a good ecological system.” Shi Bo au told sina science and technology.

from culture, competition and challenges, is likely to be many foreign executives will face the problem. While in China the development of the globalization of science and technology company, more or less will taste of domestic plate mechanism and auditing system is not adapt to the stage.

Google believe in a pure moral, as well as informal motto “don’t be evil”, but it has also become a problem since the grip – the public and the media will be worried about Google technical ability for personal privacy and property rights.

Google China’s first international spokesman, lanting potential CEO guo to disease had sharp, many American companies to enter China is the common fault of the early blindly optimistic, regardless of the cost, frustration, but immediately into pessimism, the market return, and then go home speak a Chinese adventures. However, there is a nots allow to ignore the fact that these potential and Google is a good partner.

however, Shi Bo au “here” to Google now, and be optimistic. In his first interview once said: “the best weapon is attitude – we are going to face problems, to understand what those obstacles. To accept it, positive thinking about how to face and overcome, to find a solution.”

delicate balance

although foreign firms have not adapt to the disease, but Google still here, constantly adapt to the Chinese market.

before becoming new coach Google China, Shi Bo au been to China several times. In his mind, once, someone said to him: “let’s look at the KFC. Why do you want to go to the KFC? He said: “although KFC has been popular in China, but it still think it’s necessary to continue to adapt to the Chinese market.”

when he was in the UK, also went to KFC, “but KFC experience is very different in China”. He concluded from this experience is: KFC clear how to adapt to the market.

so if you want to succeed in China, he said: “China has excellence entrepreneurial spirit, with many excellent talents and good luck.” And in addition to the technology and talent, “the key lies in: according to the target market accordingly, meet their needs”.

about Google China’s strategic, Shi Bo au talks to the demand for talent, to the attention of the advertising business. In addition to Google’s advertising and search business, he also revealed that engaging in the business at home, can see his strategy accordingly on the swimmer.

these operations include: cultivating Google developer community, promote the android development technology; And domestic higher education institutions to carry out the cooperation, the popularization of digital information; In electronic commerce and government cooperation, help domestic enterprises to expand overseas markets.

at present, in the development of China’s market, Shi Bo au always grasps the low-key and steady attitude.

he confessed himself before coming to China, to accept the cultural training. When someone remind him: “don’t always mention in Britain and the United States how or what to do.” He replied: “I’ll try to overcome their own Anglo-American thinking.”

about the return of other businesses Google Shi Bo au will directly to deny that possibility to treat temptation would say no. The tricky questions for occasionally hit, he gradually learned tai chi.

according to Google developer community organizer told sina science and technology, in February, Google android market research in Shanghai, including the shelves of android products, meet difficulties, the domestic application of the audit mechanism and the settlement of the market, etc. But Shi Bo au directly denied the possibility of GooglePlay into China.

view the progress of the domestic media about how Google, do well enough? Shi Bo au says, domestic tens of thousands of web sites benefit from Google’s advertising business, but it is not enough for Google. “The new technology constantly emerging, Google has the advantage of technology, talent and fast adaptability, where we have a lot of as.”

personal experience

Google on the localization of the road, a long way to go. Why did you choose the look and China don’t have any intersection Shi Bo union?

in his original work of the s, in his words, “s” or an exciting, “because everyone in exploring their own dream, want to grasp the development trend of the future. But it was hard to really grasp the trend.”

the s, mobile phone is like a brick block heavy, telecom and Internet technology has not yet arisen. Even in his European, mobile phone or a new technology, a lot of people for the success of this technology.

he was with HSBCCapel as a telecom stock analyst is responsible for managing the industry report, analysis of company development trend, and facing the trend of how to deal with. Normally, he would draw large spreadsheets, analyze the vast amounts of information, predict performance of the company.

“when I was very young, they have a chance to show themselves, to the company’s CEO and chairman of the board, the CFO put forward their own ideas. Although I feel a little guilty, but this process gives me a great experience and rare opportunities for exercise. I fully enjoy it.” He recalls.

in his youth, telecommunications company t-mobile chairman had let he decided to buy or sell stocks. He made up his mind to learn the business, and the process to show the opportunity of telecom and Internet integration, which contributed to his personal career transition.

in telecoms giant t-mobile is still a small company, not to set up the Mobile Internet business, before he join them. Until five years later, he rose to t-mobile’s vice President, responsible for strategic relationship management and startup business cooperation, and maintain good relations, such as had dominated with vodafone cooperative research and development of Mobile phone.

he is witness of mobile communication technology and personal growth. Before the outbreak of disruptive technology, he has foreseen the integration trend of telecommunications and the Internet.

in 2004, he developed a machine based on function, popular in the United States and Germany news application products – Mobizine, magazines and newspapers are stored in a mobile phone to this product for the user to browse. “It’s this feature is earlier than the iPhone and other smart phones, a software was advanced.” He said. The next year, he left the t-mobile, set up his own startup RefreshMobile.

“I still remember clearly now, we through advertising and publicity to promote the products to mobile operators. Is in such a case I founded his own company.” He said, “then, I leave the company in 2009, joined Google.”

best decisions

five years later, Shi Bo au to Google greater China President of appeared in the public eye. Have such a conversation quite intriguing.

Shi Bo union asked: “after you took office as Google greater China President, you have done the decision of the best and the worst of what be respectively?”

he wanted to think, said: “I have done the worst decision is the first day I come to China office. As a newly arrived foreigner, I usually to a new place when crossing the road, will be following the footsteps of the local people, I think it will be more safe.”

so just to Shanghai, from the hotel to the office, he saw a middle-aged woman of about 50 years old, he decided to follow her. But he found her began to cross the road, he began to go along with her.

“walk to a half, when the woman suddenly began to panic: see the comings and goings of vehicles, her glance left and right don’t know what to do. I also follow to hurry up. I think this is after I came to China to be the worst decision.”

although in 2000, he was short lived in China for 3 months, but he said he still do not know much about China: “never lived in Asia, also won’t speak Chinese, understanding of Chinese is limited to books and the short life experience”.

but now, as Google greater China President, he has been in the life and work smoothly for eight months. He said: “I think this is I do the best decision.