Google decided to hit hundreds of millions of dollars in India, selling $100 android original vitality

the Google I/O put focus on the Material Design and Android L new performance, and its Android reference One hardware manufacturing platform is the grand finale of the three hour speech. Android One including Google for mobile phone manufacturers supply reference hardware function, it make OEM quickly make the retail price of around $100 in smartphones.

Android One is geared to the needs of developing markets, where most high-end smartphones like the iPhone can’t obtain considerable market share. News has shown that Google strongly into the Indian market, plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in India market to promote the economical smartphones.

smart phone usage in India than in neighboring China there are a lot of social and economic reasons, including some areas don’t last and power electronic products consumption gap between the rich and the poor. Indian operators also face the plight of expanding network, because the government does not like other countries allocate enough spectrum to them. Indian operators also abide by many strict regulatory regime, which limits the growth of sales.

news from the Information well explain the situation: “only tens of millions of people in India can use 3 g mobile network, 3 g coverage is seldom. Only a tiny part of the mobile phone signal tower connecting the fiber optic cable, high-speed broadband which means most of the signal tower is connected via microwave, which leads to the instability of the speed. And almost all Chinese towers are fiber optic connection.”

meanwhile, India also provide an opportunity for Google. India is the second most populous country in the world, now has a population of 1.3 billion, and continue to increase, the smart phone has not been used for the majority of people. India’s new government took office just now, this make local operators optimistic about the allocation of radio spectrum and management measures, three years of 3 g roaming ban has recently been canceled.

Google would enable heavily to attract users use Google services India, it is this money for advertising and marketing. Android is One of the specifications of the equipment will be according to Google, allow with pre-installed applications instead of from the operators and mobile phone maker, the expansion of the third party software.

Google is not only a strong “landing” Indian company. Facebook’s WhatsApp, amazon vigorously into the Indian market last year, but because of the relatively poor physical infrastructure and industry.

it is great that Google better than other competitors in India: “Google has an advantage in India. Indian people speak English, their existing Web users accustomed to using Google services, such as search engine market share (90%) and YouTube. Of all the shipments of smartphones, Android devices accounted for 90%.”

as Android One in India, the first batch of partners, Google has with Micromax Informatics, Karbonn Mobiles, Spice and Celkon Mobiles. Micromax and Karbonn accounts for about 25% of India according to smartphone shipments, behind only accounts for about 35% of the market leader of samsung.

the latest IDC figures show that India sold 17.5 million smartphones in the first quarter, compared with last year, a significant increase in 6 million. Among them, 80% of the smartphone prices do not exceed $200.


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