Google development really you are willing to buy smart glasses

Google Glass is also far from a can for the success of commercial products, which can be worn glasses equipment before selling experience even a lot of adjustments. In fact, Google seems to want to let Google Glass out of the way — people wearing all thought is in question, and make it more like a pair of glasses. It is reported that Google now provides a new Google Glass more humanized design applied for a patent.

the design to the retinal image projection retained the prism (Google glass frame side prominent part), but clever hid it in the right corner of the lens. In spite of this, the Google glasses frame of patent is thicker than the ordinary featureless glasses frame to much because it is able to use all of the components, including Google glasses so must be large enough to accommodate a touch pad.

when holding the Google glasses sample figure and developers have to get the Google glasses, you can clearly see that Google to design how much improved. Though, Google still perfect the function of Google glasses look very actively, but the high prices or ordinary people. We don’t know when the more humanized design of Google glasses will for the mass, in other words, we don’t know whether the next Google glasses design will like any of the above image design.

in September 2012, the “wearable display equipment design was awarded the” patent, issued to Google last week.