Google founder: health industry regulations should not be too strict entrepreneurs to enter

The morning of July 6,


Google founders Larry Page, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin), said this week that Google will not become a health class company.

page and brin accepted the well-known venture capital, Vinod Khosla (Vinod Khosla) interview. Khosla in interviews last put forward the question, or whether they think “Google will become a health class company, especially considering the health industry is bigger than search and media industry”.

page and brin expressed explicitly denied. They say that although Google is developing to detect diabetes blood sugar level of contact lenses, but health industry is a highly regulated industry, involved in the industry there will be a lot of trouble. Although Google has some health class project, but will limit the scale of these projects. Brin said the current U.S. regulatory barriers in the field of the high, thus for entrepreneurs. (d)

source: sina science and technology