Google Glass pushed the biggest hardware upgrades

according to foreign media reports, science and technology, Google introduced a upgrade version of Google glasses, was released one of the biggest hardware upgrades.

in its simple hardware aspect, the biggest change is that Google has decided to double glasses of memory: glasses has 2 gb of RAM. Through to the larger battery and the combination of software enhancements, Google said the glasses now 15% battery life will be extended. Additional memory, allowing more applications run in parallel, and to enable each application more quickly, Steve, “said a Google glasses product manager. “You will feel the device usually become faster, more reliable.”

as for the battery life, Steve said, equipped with higher capacity battery equipment since march has a low profile. But when the battery “compatibilizing effect”, basically is optimized by software upgrades. “Involves the hardware, there are things we can do, but the consistent improvement is more like we always do, followed by OTA technology updates.” Steve said.

in addition to the improvement of battery, the new software will add a voice-activated viewfinder, can help users better grab photos. Google points out, this is the function of the Google glasses users have been craving. Additionally, upgrades in the Google glasses include add Google Now CARDS.

Google stressed that these updates will not materially change the function of the glasses, the formation of all these changes are the result of user feedback, it hopes to continue through a small version of the iterative pattern that perfect product.

unfortunately, Google won’t this time because of the new equipment to replace old before Google glasses. Before Google was free for users to exchange myopic lens version of Google glasses. As the Google glasses to upgrade, we expect this year, Google won’t update more details about the final retail version of Google glasses.