Google has been rated compensation benefits the best companies in the United States, Facebook was third

Beijing time on May 23, the evening news, U.S. employers to evaluate site Glassdoor today named the 2014 annual salary and welfare treatment best 25 companies in the United States, Google ranking first.

Glassdoor, points out that Google’s high salary and free commuting, as well as by the top chef cook food make people feel very satisfied. The results derived from Glassdoor survey of hundreds of thousands of employees.

Google a senior software engineer on Glassdoor, said: “to our company take care meticulously, welfare treatment is quite high. Last year, our team went to the lake Tahoe (Tahoe), Las Vegas and Hawaii. Company created environment for our employees make us reluctant to go.”

Google employees just how high salary? Glassdoor survey, Google software engineer an average basic salary of $128000. The position in the company, by contrast, the average basic salary of $132000, Facebook at $120000, for $111000, Microsoft and amazon to $105000.

not surprisingly, technology companies are prominent in the list, occupies 12 seats. In addition to Google, Facebook ranked third, fourth, Adobe Intuit the sixth and ninth Salesforce, Microsoft, 18 eBay 25.

source: sina science and technology (li Ming)