Google has launched overseas acquisition spree: budget of $30 billion

Google is understood to be under the plan, according to the overseas earnings of $200 – $30 billion earnings, for the local companies in the United States, and acquisition of technology patents. Sources on Tuesday, the SEC (the SEC) public documents. The SEC asked Google for its undistributed dividend reinvestment plan details, Google filing revealed the plan.

in 2012, Google in the overseas market profits to total profit nearly half, partly for tax purposes, Google will overseas earnings retained in overseas. Google said reserves overseas assets is to continue to maintain a certain amount of investment, overseas companies to buy.

at the same time, Google also said that the global business also includes mobile equipment manufacture and so on, and these equipment manufacturers are no longer limited to the United States, this is Google maintain overseas investments, the acquisition of a big reason.

in recent years, Google has completed several overseas acquisition, the size of the acquisition is increasing gradually, gradually into a trend:

20 a number of strategic acquisitions, was completed in 2013 cost $1.4 billion. Including in June 2013, Israel’s $1 billion acquisition of navigation Waze application developers. (* Waze provide real-time traffic information updates along the way.)

Google continue to bid in 2014. Paid $400 million for 1 month London company DeepMind artificial intelligence Technologies. Bought a London February scams recognition company spiders. IO. In early may, once again bought a British retail Rangespan a startup.

recently, Google has reportedly trying to 40 – $5 billion acquisition of an overseas company but acquisition plans on hold. The official spokesman declined to comment on specific information. But the delay does not mean that Google will change the style with deep pockets. After all, Google has spent heavily to the $12.4 billion purchase of MOTOROLA, $3.2 billion deal to buy the Nest, in the future there will be a big acquisition is not surprising.

Via: Computer World