Google imitator Vurb are on the mobile end beyond the “big brother”

cell phone is a difficult problem you can either choose an easy to use, but very mediocre, or between a pile of single purpose application constantly find and jumping. Vurb want through the collection of all third party applications to solve the problem for mobile search, so you can need not by clicking on the link to make a decision. Announced as the winner of the 2014 annual at NY showgirls, they from Redpoint Ventures received $8 million in A round of funding, rival to Google’s mobile search business.

Vurb also launched its closed beta version, hope to be able to find a way to release our ingrained digital behavior. But, if all changed in the era of mobile, why don’t we go to mobile search?

card rather than a link

Vurb abandoned the traditional search engine contains rich content of the list of blue links, the origin of the content in addition to the actual information (such as Google’s answer boxes), while others, such as Yelp, Foursquare, OpenTable, YouTube, services, IMDB, Netflix, Amazon, AngelList and Crunchbase ranges such third party.

now Vurb search focuses on locations, film and media part, but we expect to expand to include tourism and shopping, and other fields. Vurb trying to predict the search of the most common cause and Shared out those information you may adopt. Vurb founder and CEO of Bobby Lo told me: “search on the mobile phone business, or a piece of barren land. You must have a correct information application or fumbling to find have to jump cross find information between different applications. This is really a very painful process.”

however, Vurb is different. Search a movie, you may get IMDB, comedy and Flixster scores, recent show times, trailers, cast and revealed that the plot and comment. But we’re assuming you chose a cinema, and click to buy a few specific time period of the ticket.

click again on the Vurb place “near” button, you will see a cinema near the most acclaimed restaurant and bar, you can also according to the type, the price or more conditions to filter. Found a good restaurant after Vurb will drop down menus, maps, and empty table reservation button. Maybe you never choose a keyword or click on the tag, to know the two actions on mobile phones had seemed very clumsy.

choose the service of Google search results on the web page seems to be easier, but Vurb has a huge step forward, you don’t have a a browsing the web. These modern folder bookmarks can be reference or share with friends, it is great for collaborative group decision making a progress.

however, we have to face it, Google already has a fixed form of web search. Desktop and Internet is a platform, open and free liquidity, on the platform, every web page is to also go faster. But the collection is not its value. While on the phone, the content has been fixed in a wrapper good application, you have to understand first and then install it, but the collection is very useful.

in order to solve this problem, by Redpoint Vurb raised $8 million in cash, and Redpoint partner Geoff Yangon will join the board of directors. A new round of financing brought Vurb $10 million in total, including Stanford university, and the existing investors Charles River Ventures, CrunchFund (founded by the founder of TechCrunch), Atlas, DCVC, and including Naval Ravikant, Max Levchin, and Drew Houston angel investors. Yang expressed his return to Vurb excitement to us: “this application completely accords with the logical thinking of our brains work, rather than conform to the browser or application structure.”

these funds will help expand the only seven members of the team, and continue to research and development of core products, build a based on Android version, add more search, and transform their office.

scattered or aggregation?

at present, there are two types of user devices application. One is like Facebook a single application can do many things, one is like a comedy movie reviews good single purpose applications. As Andreessen Horowitz, a partner at Benedict Evans said, each application has its own strengths and weaknesses.

a single application on a web page runtime still has great space, but because of not enough space in the mobile, we had to force the function may be hidden to the hidden menu. This allows the user’s easy to forget these functions, but also want to develop new functions also become particularly difficult. This is why Facebook and Foursquare, some functions will be split imaging Messenger and Swarm that accompany the application. At the same time, a single application are difficult to dominate in a category. You can on Facebook by viewing the movie some praise and star rating to try to determine the stand or fall of the film, but the comedy will give you a better answer. Although people use a single application, because they are well-known and can easily bind to use.

single purpose applications gradually became popular now, because people want to be a quick access to functions. By multitasking, we can easily switch to the different application, as if in a single application to use. But all this requires you to learn about the mobile application, download it and remember when you need to use it. This raise questions about the application download crowded mall. And, at the same time using multiple applications to make decisions than in the desktop web page can be much more difficult to keep multitasking window and labels.

I believe Vurb opportunity is within a single application and find a balance between a single purpose. This needs to be experts, a third party, single the function of the application and will be all you need are mixed together. Lo told me: “Vurb aim is not to replace or compete with any of the services, because they are doing the best in their fields, but we have provided a new way – can connect these applications.”

Vurb can use its search engine and like keyword advertising, sponsorship and membership fees of channels for a profit.

Vurb success may depend on a single purpose applications want to use a combination of platform. If it is set too much content and rarely return flow, so are more likely to annoy and hinder the development of Vurb developers. But, if they can cooperate, so Vurb will have the opportunity to Google a one-on-one duel. In China, such as baidu map applications have been used for the platform strategy, hope to be able to solve any possible, for example a cab, restaurant reviews, and make an appointment.

search is the main application fields of combination, and Google in this area has become a myth. Even Vurb upside potential is huge, to bet on their body is still very dangerous. But this is the meaning of risk investment. And when Evanswas talking about a collection of application in China, it seems that he’s perception of Vurb is suitable for all in the collection of application of this age. “Depressed if yahoo didn’t ten years, whether it will be in the mobile phone age now?”