Google in joint movement “and” 60 TB/s of the trans-pacific cable system

according to, Google has announced a new, faster the trans-pacific cable transmission system. Such as China mobile, China telecom international global telecom operators will be involved in the management of the network.

the name of the project is FASTER – that is expected to invest $300 million, will start formal operation in the second quarter of 2016. It is reported, FASTER – network transmission speed can reach 60 initial TB/s.

the other partners involved in this project include China Mobile’s International Mobile International (China), China Telecom Global (China Telecom, Global, KDDI, NEC, Singapore Telecom, Global Transit. It is reported, China mobile and China telecom global international, is a wholly owned subsidiary of China mobile and China telecom respectively, two of the parent company is responsible for overseas business.

FASTER – when completed, will be the first in Japan, and in the future enlargement to other parts of Asia. And, on the other side in the cable system is connected to the United States on the west coast of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and other regions.

the project executive committee chairman Woohyong Choi said: “the FASTER – is by far the longest trans-pacific cable system. It’s good to the whole world development of the Internet.”