Google is the desire in the enterprise market “wipe out” Microsoft

Google, the mountain view, California city search engine giant, over the years have been for others to be forgotten. But in last week’s annual developers conference in San Francisco, Google spent more time than usual to display, such as the Drive for the Work (designed for enterprises upgrade the cloud storage services) and Android Work (on Google’s Android mobile phone operating system exclusive mobile device management software), such as new business functions.

if you need more to prove that Google pay more and more attention to increasing evidence of its enterprise services, then consider this: in the last few months, the company has too many significant employment action, including director of user experience Shahla Aly, director of strategic cooperative partnership Murali Sitaram and Google cloud computing platform, head of global solution Miles Ward. It is important to note that this batch of airborne executives from cisco, IBM, Microsoft and the flow of the AWS.

“in the past few years, we have to the company leadership within the injected fresh blood and excellent,” Google’s business President Amit Singh said, “we are taking the industry’s top talent, including senior talents with decades of experience in enterprise. From the sales of all products in the company leadership to the engineering, tens of thousands of Googlers are everywhere, but also in rapidly growing.”

from the introduction of talent at least to a certain extent, as the Google’s business development. (for example, to move to the Google Singh working experience with many years of Oracle’s) have subsidiaries responsible for cisco WebEx former executives, the partnership is now launched Google Sitaram said, he is encouraging system integrators, telecom operators, and other software manufacturers alliance with Google – it’s a Google had never considered the partnership.

“in the past few years, we through the sales of a variety of products to different customers and grow rapidly,” Sitaram said, “now we are gradually becoming more large enterprises, so the league is very necessary for Google.”

before the AWS executive Ward, is now responsible for collaboration with customers for Google cloud software products “practical application work” – this is a recently appeared in the industry. Google on enterprise development investment, he says, is tangible.

Aly this with IBM work experience of Microsoft executives before “the elders”, now also is responsible for the user “experience” in Google. According to her own, Google designed for enterprise customers using Google Apps for Business recently received from the customer’s 95% satisfaction evaluation. “Compared to other suppliers, we though relatively late, but with the development of our progress and matures, the user experience will is one of the important indicators we distinguish it from other application providers.”

Google is in the business world a novice, but how to realize more intuitive to let everyone of that? Put it this way: the above-mentioned Ggoole high tube of the role of, before they parachuted doesn’t exist, all did not set up a few months ago). A new version of Google Apps for Business, this can with Microsoft blog post match based on the efficiency of the cloud tools application, although as early as 2006 issued, but Google still spent a lot of time to make customers buy and use comprehensive Gmail account. But with the expansion of business, Google has become enterprise marketing savvy.

according to Google, the company existing more than 600 companies, 10000 active Google Apps active users. Over time, there have been more big customers to buy Google from fixed enterprise class applications, including 60% of the world’s top 500 enterprises. Even Google’s overall business revenue (accounted for 5% of its overall business income) also is only a small part of the Microsoft, but the company’s chief commercial officer Nikesh Arora recently told investors that Google’s business is business “promote company growth factor”.

this means Google is likely to business operation and hire more people, especially some customer-facing roles, these roles are new, but for gradually take over the big deals of Google, it is necessary.

“next, we will to Google Apps, Android and Chrome double down,” said Singh, director of the corporate sector, “need a little technical enterprise transformation, and the Google promises: we can do it.”

Source: Forbes