Google it move, it may be true to Google + “dead don’t even remaining slag”

last week, head of Google +, Google star Vic gondor tweet (Vic Gundotra) departure, let people about Google + “numbered” guess spread widely. Although Google since then to strenuously denied the news, but Google has a test activity, seems to prove to us that the fate of Google + far more miserable than imagined.

reports pointed out that part of the website login to Google + as their tools developers found that its website login page one more “using Google login” (sign in with Google) option icon (below). So far, only a small amount of developer account login encountered this kind of situation. Ordinary user logs in, still only see red Google + icon.

it is worth noting that Google official confirmed the news is that Google is testing a function.

if the above information accurately, this seems to imply that Google really don’t want Google + continue to undertake the task of all Google account login. Social elements and given that Google had deliberately put the fusion of Google +, as Google users unified “identity” tools, this has really let us feel worry in this experiment. The future will only “using Google login” an option? Don’t rule out the possibility.

first of all, the Google + platform the main social function has been more and more welcomed by users;

second, use Gmail account can login Google almost all applications and the number of third party sites or applications;

again, Hangouts application can to a certain extent, make up for the Google has been coveted users social data;

in the end, Google’s reputation is obviously greater than Google +, “using the Google login” let developers and users feel more natural.

of course, this test function also does not mean the disappearance of the Google + account login system. Actually the Google + account has fusion Google all original account system, a unified identity identification number. This test, it could have been described all Google account system composition.