Google map upgrade: integration of Uber taxi service

Google map today a major upgrades, one of the most striking is introducing the function of Uber take a taxi, Uber service of dozens of Chinese cities have been opened the user search in the Google map to the site, you can click on the Uber taxi, then open the phone Uber applications.

Google map is the world’s largest mobile mapping applications by number of users, which will greatly strengthen Uber promotion.

Google the Uber comes with its to have, Google Ventures investment Uber $258 million last year. Another Google uncharacteristically let its chief legal officer David Drummond joined the board Uber.

as a major version update, in addition to the integration of Uber taxi services, also provides more detailed local search features restaurants, bars, hotels, including operating time, score and price, etc., to fight against Yelp.

navigation, Google added overpass export navigation and offline map function. Google maps once have convenient offline maps, but in the last updated version removed this feature and turn it into a “eggs”, now added back again.