Google plans to upgrade Gmail security: point to point encryption

according to VentureBeat reported, Google Gmail point-to-point encryption is working on the research and development, in order to further facilitate user. The original PGP encryption (Pretty Good Privacy) after the use of more than 20 years, there is a clear need for bringing in the new change. A few days ago, Google’s engineers are optimized based on PGP, aims to provide users with security of the communication environment.

the benefits of PGP is the end user is the decryption ability, but its for the strict requirements of the password really get many users headaches, PGP password reset is not allowed that means forget the consequences can be rather serious. While Google if use PGP related encryption method, will be trimmed grab content, the ability to serve ads.

in addition, the most notable, the preservation of the key problem is users, users are saved locally or on Google servers to save – after all, after the NSA prism plan but make a lot of people to the bulk of science and technology secret ability lost confidence.

Google believe that technology is the most effective tool against government into the private. Schmidt had similar expression in different occasions: solution is for government intrusion “more strictly to encrypt data. He even show: “we are very sure that Google’s internal information is safe, can avoid any spies spy on, including the United States government spies.”

before the Wall Street journal of a also provided Google for the attention of the encryption technology:

in order to increase some malicious hacker monitoring, steal the difficulty of user data, Google is considering launching a web search results weight award scheme. In a nutshell, all those websites to encrypt user data transmission, will obtain a higher search rankings. On the contrary, those wrong user data encryption, and even contain malicious programs and Trojan website will be down by Google search.

the current attitude of relevant matters are all declined to comment.