Google Play 98% of the revenue from the free value-added model

with the advent of Google I/O developer conference, the news lately about Google is also emerge in endlessly. Famous application analysis web App Annie is on Google Play is given the recent development situation analysis, to the rest of the industry report, writing reports of App Annie is not Google’s company, as Google product users, the App Annie are more independent objective analysis.

in the analysis, points out that the past year has significance for android developers, whether Google Play application itself, downloads, or earnings have significant growth.

announced last summer, Google Play application after 1 million, in July 2013 to April 2014, Google Play are grew nearly a third. Downloads are up 150% from a year earlier. All the data, the most notable figures is Google Play application Quarterly Revenue (Quarterly Revenue App) rose 240% year on year.

download, earnings and price

for developers, downloads, installation rates does not mean that all, pure free application significance is not big, no gains. And this is a big challenge faced by Google Play. Competitors such as Amazon’s Amazon Appstore provides developers with a better deal, apple’s App Store has also help the developers to profit. Google Play recently began to improve the developer’s equity, revenue, make every effort to shorten the gap with other competitors.

recently, App Annie said Google Play application downloads and earnings growth portend developers will have a better development opportunities. At present, the application on Google Play downloads to keep rising, one of the tools and communications applications downloaded the highest earnings growth, communication and social application. Google Play’s quarterly application profit more than doubled from last year from a year earlier, the earnings growth rate was also significantly faster than the downloads. This among them, played games application. Considerable profit game application of the space, in the first quarter of 2014 a total of 90% profit for Google Play, up 10% from last year’s 80%. But its downloads is only 40% of the total downloads.

at present popular “free + value-added services” charge mode is a great addition to the application of earnings growth – data in May, 2014, for example, the charging mode brought almost 98% of the profits for Google Play.

market different

since Google Play partition strategy, different markets have different downloads, including downloads the area at the top of the list, followed by Brazil, Russia, South Korea, India. But look from the profit most revenue of Japan’s market, the second, followed by South Korea, Germany, Britain and other markets. South Korea market profit more than the United States in the first quarter of last year, this year is the district market to catch up, you can see all earnings have some major changes.