Google pulled Barnes &noble, Barnes has given Google express hope

according to the report, Google and Barnes &noble (Barnes & amp; Noble) announced with books on the same day service, amazon together against the competition.

since Thursday, live in Manhattan, west Los Angeles, San Francisco bay area, consumers can through Google Shopping Express in Barnes &noble enjoy that day to send you.

Google in about a year ago launched the Google service that day. Through this service, online shoppers in Costco, Walgreens, Staples and Target stores to buy goods can be delivered within a few hours.

entity bookstore business Barnes has been stagnant. In the past five years, Barnes has closed 63 stores, including some prosperous area stores in Manhattan and Washington. At present, the Barnes altogether has 660 retail bookstores and 700 college campus bookstore. Barnes recent results also revealed that its Nook e-reader business fell 22% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, the situation is not optimistic. While the cooperation with Google is expected to make the Barnes &noble in online sales, looking for the other party.

Barnes &noble CEO Michael p. Huseby called the partnership is a business book nets pin and improve the “test” of the sales of the entity bookstore. He said: “this is a network connected to the entity bookstore bookstore.”

in recent years, amazon, stable and sustainable growth has caused great threat to Google and Barnes &noble, its booming online shopping business let Barnes entity bookstore declining traffic, objective is to become the master in the field of paper books nets pin.

amazon pin business growth and potentially undermine the Google’s lucrative search engine advertising business. After the cooperation with Barnes, Google in the online retail partners has been achieved in the field of 19, Google intention of trying to compete with amazon has obviously. While between amazon and the publishers Hachette ebook pricing war, many authors and consumers to amazon’s proposed harsh negotiation strategies disappointment, Google cooperation with Barnes as if comes at the right time.

“many customers report to us, when they see book review or recommended by friends, hope to have an easy way to buy the book, and can start reading on the day.” Google Shopping Express product director Tom Fallows said in an E-mail. “We believe that this is connected to the consumers and the local Barnes &noble perfectly.”

in recent years, faster delivery become each big retailers are paying more and more attention to the electricity field service. Amazon is already well on the same day delivery service area has obvious advantages. The company also announced on Wednesday, will be on the same day delivery service from four cities increased to 10, the service for the amazon Prime membership fee of $5.99, the average user charge is $9.98. In addition, walmart and eBay have launched a similar service delivery.

Google approach is different from the amazon and other large retailers – it does not depend on warehouse filled with goods, but the storage resources of local retailers around the world together, and then in three to four hours to the warehouse will be the closest to the consumer choose and buy goods delivery. At present the service for Shopping Express subscribers will be provided free of charge, but Google has yet to be announced specific subscription fee), while the other user fee of $4.99 (about 31 yuan), in addition to the new members can also take a half-year free period.

Google also plans to expand the delivery service to Brooklyn and Queens.

Barnes, who took part in the cooperation of the bookstore has a store in Manhattan’s union square, Mary ender bay shop near Los Angeles, SAN jose Stevenson valleys avenue store, each place there will be someone to accept online orders, such as books, toys, games, magazines and other items. Google will Courier them out again after to collect the order.

Google Shopping will be to its members, and all the other package mail service customers spend more than $25. But Barnes will not deal with Google on your own website Shopping order (in New York, Barnes consumers can enjoy the services), but hope that through Google Shopping consumers to improve their sales.

“Google have their own large customer base.” Barnes &noble chief marketing officer of Jaime Carey said, “now, through them, we will get a group of new consumers.”