Google push application “tease” rival $2 billion free virtual reality grand layout

Google launched a called today, aims to make every ordinary users without having to spend any costs (or a relatively small fee) to build expensive virtual reality helmet.

after download and install Cardboard, users need to DIY some necessary auxiliary device. For example, found a strong cardboard, a pair of 40 mm focus lens, and other necessary small parts. , according to the users, only for an hour, and you can create a “humble” version of Oculus Rift helmet.

want to know, Facebook has spent more than $2 billion, this has yet to officially product launch startups.

Google in the Google, before the end of the I/O to each participants issued a assembled finished products. Although quite humble, but the tester said surprisingly good effect. Of course, you can’t expect too much oh!

now, the use of Cardboard, the user can through the following Google services to enjoy the virtual reality scene:

? Earth: Google earth overlooking the panoramic view;

? Tour guide: visit Versailles and local tour guide;

? YouTube: watch a large screen popular YouTube video.

? Exhibition: check cultural relics from different angles;

? Spherical photo: look around and you take photos of the sphere;

? Street view: drive through Paris in summer;

? Interactive animation

Google said that given the current virtual reality devices not ordinary users can afford, so they want to be the simplest and most economical way to realize this dream.