Google said don’t want to be gender discrimination, for $50 million to develop more mayer

Google has officially launched a program called “with code weaving the future” () project, designed to help more women to learn computer programming. Most people don’t want to say is gender discrimination of Google, is trying to reverse high salary information technology industry for a long time in silicon valley was dominated by men.

“nowadays, programming is not just a” diamond “into the technology industry. With application engineering skills at the same time also become applicants apply for inner design, medical, architecture, music and other related position of one of the “ticket”. No matter what the future ideal career is a girl, to learn programming will to a certain extent, helped her to achieve your dream.” YouTube CEO Susan wojcicki says.

in Google’s view, the programming is not just into the high-tech, weaving the future.

prior to that, Google has just made public for the first time as his first “Google employees’ gender, ethnic, demographic profile.” Documents show that Google company 70% of staff are men, and 61% of white men. Google acknowledged that wants to be truly equal fair distribution of worker, is still a long way to go.

mayer as the first female engineer, now at the helm of yahoo. As one of the most powerful women in silicon valley, her achievements worth every girl to study.