Google said the future will be to “move on” advertisement refrigerator

a few days ago, Google will move online advertising on all devices that can be connected to the Internet. Including refrigerator, glasses, watches, car display, thermostat, etc.

the news, immediately attracted people’s attention. Does this mean that, after a Nest Google bought by the company’s intelligent thermostat products, there will be a Google advertisement distribution network? Interestingly, Google has denied the news later.

but what is certain is that in the era of PC and smartphone limelight of Google, has been part of the energy transfer in the Internet of things industry. Google’s ideal, as always, to serve all devices that can be connected to the Internet, and distribute advertising, in which a profit.

it is understood that the file is from the SEC, which aims to let Google explain, why not clear disclose his income from the mobile device. After like Facebook and Twitter have been invited to release the data. However, Google has failed to do so. In file in response, Google said: “we are more networking equipment, trying to provide services and advertising. This is a dynamic development process, so the periodic Numbers without too much sense.”

this is the case. With Android get supremacy in the field of intelligent devices, Google began to more traditional PC on one hand, on the other hand also in the development of the next generation can change the world platform (wearable devices, Internet of things). After all, as a web services and advertising distribution company, occupy as much as possible equipment platform, continues to collect user data is very important.