Google show first create unmanned vehicle: no steering wheel, the brake

Google founders sergey brin have made independently by Google shows the first build driverless cars. It is important to note that the car without a steering wheel, accelerator, even the brake.

Google official pointed out that the prototype car and the finished product has been very close. But Google will not choose their own selling the product, it will take the way of working with people. It is reported that Google is trying to attribute the driverless cars commercial as early as possible.


according to Google, driverless car has the following features:

the lack of a regular car necessary “facilities”, no steering wheel, accelerator, even is the brake;

completely sensor and computer control, no dead Angle 360 degrees around a monitoring;

the front similar foam material, windshield flexible flexible;

prototype car the speed limit is 25 miles per hour;

has two sets of automatic driving system, to prevent the failure.

Google has invited people to test at present, without a safe driver, experience in succession to the product.