Google street view to bring you back to the past, time axis function open, back in 2006 at the earliest

happened three years ago was taken away in Japan’s tsunami is not only the life, property, is also at a landscape. Post-disaster reconstruction process, Google found at that time for Google street view a series of images have become precious resources, as they inadvertently buried under a time capsule. Google therefore built a called “memory” of the Future with (Memories for the Future) web site, users can see on the website different street view before and after the tsunami. This website for updated, always looking forwards of Google, it is a special case, Google maps is never tries to display the latest picture.

maybe since then, Google has been brewing for everyone to create a time machine. Three years later, Google opened early street view data, through the new open the timeline of the left upper corner of the page function, user can see the Google street view images collected since 2006 – or marvel at present very bei, or shock in changing, or is a street scene in the past.

Google street view is covered in 55 countries, 6 million miles of picture data, have to say this is a digital time machine across time and space. Maybe we can’t like time travelers back to their old in the past, but think about the future we will have the opportunity to look back the moment, how much is the exciting thing.

Google street view project director Luc Vincent said that similar to the function of the time machine has been urged by Google maps users – are mostly want to retain the love around small scenery. Nowadays, “we did it.”

according to Vincent, Google street view of the database is very large, by month users can in the shortest time interval to watch the street view change. Google street view shooting frequency varies from place to place, in the core scenic spots or shooting frequency will be higher in big cities, some will meet several times a week. Google will use algorithms selected picture of high quality materials, and weed out those fuzzy, the weather is not good picture. And with the opening up of the street timeline, Google will be able to show the picture of the world more.

follow Google street view shuttle also find some street view before and after the big change. Over the years changes caused by artificial and natural forces, Japan’s tsunami and New Orleans hurricane all let the local landscape has changed dramatically. Before and after see in the diagram can be open right oh don’t doubt yourself.

Vincent also talked about, the street view of the timeline features in addition to bring people traveling, or in the future will become the good assistant of the tourism travel plans – through Google street view to see if the destination times are the most beautiful scene.

Google is not open in indoor landscape part time axis function, mobile terminal has temporarily not open. According to Vincent, mobile street view more main function is to inform users of what is “now” side, rather than to help users to miss the past.

anyway, as Google street view of further development, Google “shoot” out of this world will be more different.