Google teamed up with HP and disturb the apple – IBM “dream”

a few days ago from said that Google is working with HP negotiate jointly promote the progress of Android into enterprise market. Interestingly, apple previously announced together to build the enterprise users against apple and IBM equipment plan. If the news is true, the apple and Google will no doubt in the field of the enterprise market, launched a new “arms race”.

reports pointed out that Google and HP cooperation negotiations since it had begun a year ago. Main cooperation content, is popularized to enterprise users based on Google Now (Google voice assistant) company information search engine service.

however, apple has apparently came to Google, the reason seems to be that Google had been not so keen and hewlett-packard (HP) of the cooperation. Not only that, HP had joint Google intends to make an enterprise users against, main encryption security Nexus device, but when the Android chief Andy rubin’s refusal.

it is important to note that news that HP after also hope to cooperate with apple, make the enterprise version of Siri. But now the apple and IBM’s cooperation, has dreams of HP.

boundless enterprise market potential. Apart from Microsoft and blackberry, a growing number of Internet giant has been eyeing this niche market. It should be pointed out that, apple and Google both in the enterprise market, also showed the essential difference between the two companies. Apple hopes to IBM, to the enterprise users to sell more apple devices; While Google joint HP, hope to sell more service enterprise users (should still rely on advertisements.