Google tens of millions of dollars to buy a drawElements, governance Android fragmentation and a small tool

according to, Google has spent millions of dollars bought in Helsinki, Finland, a little-known small start-ups. Giants such as Google to buy as many as dozens of year in and year out, but the deal has hidden the Google hopes to further the Android fragmentation, control in the reasonable scope determination.

can inquire about drawElements very little public information. Through the media information, we know that this is a mobile 3 d graphics analysis and testing technology is given priority to business start-ups. Technical tool, it can help Google or developers, by comparing the detected what caused many Android devices (of course, is not only limited to Android devices), graphics are not compatible, not the cause of the adapter. DrawElements technology can, in other words, to a certain extent, promote the standardization of the Android graphics rendering.

despite widespread for Android fragmentation ecological concern. But the reality is that Google is trying to () and have ability to control the fragmentation manageable. Today, buy drawElements is this and a new method of controlling behavior.

as the most open source mobile operating system, Google has to OEM with hoops. Some, including samsung’s friend, struggling to get rid of Google, but the arrival of the wearable device boldly into the Android camp again.