Google, the company to do the field of artificial intelligence has been tencent’s investment

as an artificial intelligence and machine inside Google academic project, Google Brain (Google the Brain) had been applied to such as Android’s voice recognition system and technology foundation of Google + photos search service. Today, Google has machine learning of two senior engineers from the company, they established a new company, is one of the engineers before serving Google Brain project. Their idea is to develop a similar Google and other companies for internal use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, and make it develop into a anyone can use cloud computing services.

just like the name of the startup, Scaled Inference is shrouded in secrecy, it is not even open platform domain (although the company will eventually use Inference. IO and

three Inference of the founders of information was listed in the AngelList. One from 2001 began to work at Google Olcan Sercinoglu, another is Dmitry Lepikhin, he in eight years has been committed to Google projects such as Sibyl, and these projects has been widely applied in YouTube and Google Play, etc. It is worth noting that the company at the time of seed funding to harvest a $4 million investment, investors including Google’s outstanding engineers, Georges Harik and Gautham Thambidora, tencent’s David Wallerstein, also includes Felicis Ventures, Amplify Partners, and tencent company itself.

after and three Inference contact Sercinoglu tells us that the will of the Adam D Angelo is also one of the company’s supporters. Therefore, the company seed financing in closing will be about $8 million. To this end, the company is now looking for engineers and other personnel to enrich the company’s business.

however, Google inside the Brain has a lot of famous engineer. Relevant personage to this phenomenon is called “brain drain”. As one of the founders and leaders of this project, Andrew Ng has left Google, established the Coursera and cooperate with others. Earlier this year, he joined baidu again. At the same time, Quoc v. Le left Google has also been speculation.

others committed to deep learning, object recognition and image classification technology of Google engineers are moved to Facebook, fill in the Facebook in social networking project of artificial intelligence. Obvious, like apple company also to strengthen the research, so the market has specific requirements for deep learning technical experts.

in fact, this is Sercinoglu second leave Google. After he left for the first time with a company called lmanen start-up, the company’s main research based on the intelligent mobile application user interaction and adjust themselves. Sercinoglu, according to the current Imanen intellectual property has been transferred to the Scaled Inference.

Sercinoglu Lepikhin and choose to create a new company to continue to their study, rather than within Google, even if they could work continue to stay there. Sercinoglu said “we have a chance to doing the same work in Google. They are willing to purchase from Imanen hand intellectual property so that I continue to work within Google. But I think to start a company like and painstaking efforts it is a great opportunity.”

Sercinoglu in this respect, not malicious. He also had his own project experience. During the university, he has developed a new type of music called search engine. While the search engine is no longer running, but it was his first project to attract the attention of the Google to help him.

“I’ve been looking forward to develop my own things, and I work in Google’s time to prove that Google’s good.”

then Scaled Inference is stem what of?

all kinds of startups focusing on long-term machine simulation to study the brain and the brain at the same level of artificial intelligence technology, such as Deepmind has been acquired by Google, and still remain independent and has a huge backer of the Vicarious. Three Inference based on the concept of artificial intelligence, developed an effective platform for the neutral to solve the problem of the demand for various.

analogy, if you think of a single application of artificial intelligence is a special vertical search engine, then three Inference of positioning is the world of artificial intelligence industry Google.

three Inference about its positioning is different from other companies. Sercinoglu said. “we believe that an artificial intelligence company should have the ability to provide useful services to support its long-term development, end up owning advanced general artificial intelligence techniques. In the end, the artificial intelligence technology will no longer need to simulate a human brain, like the plane does not need to flap their wings too.”

three Inference will be in the form of cloud computing service provides artificial intelligence technology. In fact, any kind of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology can be used in the web page or application, especially based on private users and specific content of information service development, such as location information and browsing history.

according to the characteristics of the smartphone screen out small and users and developed a mobile application is particularly suited to help the user to do some “errands”. Even companies such as linkedin desperately want to dabble in the “treasure”, especially the consumer services.

Sercinoglu pointed out that “the big company already used the machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for a long time, this is not a new technology, but more and more popular for people place, we hope for some sensitive content of a new generation of artificial intelligence applied to provide technical support.

three Inference platform can also be applied to other areas. , for example, is Scaled in Imanen released a called the application of the River, to the user information from Facebook, Twitter and other social network to carry on the summary, then according to the possibility of the user to interact with them to their order. This with Facebook now processing messages in different ways.

Sercinoglu said “River can know your intentions, less input functions of the system of artificial intelligence, which according to the possibility of the user to interact with them for sorting unread messages.” Although build River is used to run the equipment itself, but the idea of using the artificial intelligence technology, and apply it to the cloud computing platform.

in the River after the release, three Inference will provide a series of application program interface (API), three of the API will be launched simultaneously.

Sercinoglu pointed out that the first API belongs to a “minimum level”, it is mainly used for pattern recognition. “You put the data submitted to us, then we will open the identification model, and then began to you prompt patterns in data or exception.”

another API is to help developers according to user’s answer to some question to predict user behavior. (for example, you can imagine is used in the after-sales service survey function.)

the third paragraph API is a basic function around the River, the sort of product. (imagine, how will this service is suitable for the site web site, etc. On these sites, for example, the user can search information, and the API will help to sort the search results.)

will have its own internal sorting solution search results, but due to the D Angelo invested in three Inference, the company is focused on the development of products.

in fact, the whole three Inference platform at development time will uphold the concept of artificial intelligence. Sercinoglu said “we will provide the API of the three series, goal is to make them as far as possible simple and intuitive. You only need to describe the problem, rather than focus on the solution. Our system should have the ability to master data according to you to determine the solution.”