Google tomorrow morning on the new Android, think too late is bad for the market’s direction

the bloomberg businessweek wrote today, Google Android, head of the sander, skin looked (Sundar Pichai) tomorrow morning on the opening of the 2014 Google I/O, launched a new version of the Android system.

reports pointed out that before this and keep the details Androiod major upgrade to the autumn, Google will let developers and users to see the new version system much earlier. Sources said that he thought looked too late release new versions of Android, is not conducive to market sales partners.

in addition, bloomberg chow said Google will be in the meeting, released Android intelligent TV operating system; Android Wear more details; LG, MOTOROLA, samsung and other Android appeared Wear smart watches, and so on. About Google I/O 2014 related prediction information,.

if ordered by the naming of the Android system, a new version of the Android system should be named as “L” at the beginning of the name. After media reports that Google will launch this year on the Google I/O Android 4.5 or 5.0.

it is understood that if the latest Android system will provide more optimization services for enterprise users. In addition, the new system will further integrate its multi-platform system integrity, the Google service different platforms, will present the UI design more unified.

it is understood that the Google I/O 2014 conference will be held in Beijing the opening time tomorrow at twelve O ‘clock in the morning.