Google wants to street kiosks turns into a free WiFi

Beijing time on July 20, the morning news, several companies, including Google, is considering using public telephone booth, to provide free wireless Internet access services in the New York City.

according to file in New York City, about this project, more than 50 companies participated in a information technology conference held in May this year, and Google is one of them. About this project bid will take place on July 21.

Google is taking various measures to help the U.S. and global users access to the Internet, so as to bring more Internet users, and promote the development of its growth and advertising services. At present, Google is American cities launched broadband service, and has at its headquarters in mountain view, calif., as well as the New York office is located in Chelsea community launched a wireless access services.

Google spokeswoman declined to comment. Other companies may meeting including cisco, IBM, and samsung.

a fee for this project requires the use of the new design to replace the public telephone, in New York City all five areas “advertising, WiFi and cell phone service. While companies related to phone service fee except 911 and 311, but not for Internet access service charge. At present, the New York City has more than 7300 paid public phone booth.

according to the requirement of the New York City, in the future, these WiFi hotspot will be in New York City traffic was the biggest area, through the AD revenue from the booth. In 3325 paid phone booth has labeled as advertising, about two-thirds in Manhattan, is located in queens, 15%, 12% is located in brooklyn, 6% is located in the Bronx, there are few in staten island.

New York City has published the document on its website. Documents show, “the wide popularity of mobile devices to reduce the demand for public telephone, but not everyone has a mobile phone, not all mobile phone users can be online at any time.” The WiFi hotspot need to coordinate, the user can continue to use with a login.

in New York City, the project was started in 2012, the then mayor Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg). (li li)