Google X head: Google must be integrated into the real world

guide language: the wired magazine published online last week, entitled “Why Google Must Rule the World” (according to Google Must Now Also Rule the Physical World), according to the commentary as the serious problem in the future, not by software and services can solve alone, so Google Must actively integrated into the real World, can truly dominant trend in the future.

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with the ponytail astor, Taylor (Astro Teller) is a mad scientist, he is leading the Google a lot of projects, the target is to together the digital world and real world. He is responsible for leading an mysterious Google X laboratory, explore driverless cars to intelligent glasses, and other various innovative projects. For the Internet company of business of a main search and E-mail, the project seems to be some “doing nothing”, but as Taylor says, Google think it is very important to the future development.

“Google already has a large number of creative talents, they are working to solve the problem of numerous software in today’s world.” Taylor last week in San Francisco O ‘Reilly Solid software and hardware integration at the conference said, “if our goal is to help Google to become a different company, then the focus to the real world and are more likely to achieve this goal.”

but as Taylor said, unless Google to tackle some won’t be able to use the network service solutions to the problem, otherwise it is difficult to achieve this goal. He said, could not just a software with access to clean water. Similarly, the software also can’t alone to explore a new way of energy storage, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. “If you only this kind of software tools, the odds are likely won’t be too big.” He said.

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Taylor said, most companies have felt unprecedented pressure, want to focus in the field of software development. Using software to solve the problem, can be introduced in the absence of the cost of the solution. The real world is not the case, so many companies are working to find new ways, the atoms and bits together. But for companies like Google, this means that more opportunities, because they also hope that in the real world.

at the same time, the software can also help solve real problems. In the real world, a process that was what he called a “civil engineering point of view” of the 20th century. Today’s cars may have to get to the Internet, but the car itself, but still taking in order to solve the problem for the priority of mechanical design and construction of thinking. Taylor said, in the future in enhance the strength of the car, safety and durability, mechanical technology will no longer be the main power, digital intelligent will become a key element. Software and hardware will play the same important position. Remove any one of them, will solve the problem may be reduced by half.

Google balloon experience

in a lot of projects, Taylor led one can fly helium balloons in New Zealand, provide Internet services to remote areas. To successfully develop the project, he said, let the balloon is more intelligent. Google can never fly a balloon always suspended over the San Francisco: because the wind is too strong, requires a lot of energy to the balloon fixed in one place. Google has already developed to determine the weather balloon, can automatically adjust the height to make full use of the surrounding air. When a group of balloon coordinate with each other, can achieve “flocking effect”, the sense that gives a person is like there is always a balloon for you.

Taylor argues that the smart about Google’s future is very important, not only for the same is true of the whole world. Promote the development of technology is about to break through the confine of the screen, let it into the real world, and see whether it can play a role. Although the goal is not clear, Taylor was like Google X team said: “personally into the real world, in the hands a little oil, in a bit of mud on your shoes, try to find some fun. Sometimes, the really big problem to solve, must be so talented.” (dinghong)


Source: sina science and technology