Got off, millet expand overseas

millet is ambitious to apple, samsung and compete in the global smartphone market, but its expansion plans shrivel in Indonesia, Brazil, has not been able to successfully launched its flagship smartphone.

phone makers want to launch products in different markets around the world, you have to get the certification of local government agencies. Responsible for millet, vice President for global operations, Hugo Barra said in an interview in new Delhi, the product release delay because of long and hard, “” equipment certification process. He also said that in Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico, program the longest could be 6 months to comply with local standards, product certification.

but still optimistic forecasts the millet, the end of August will launch its smartphone in Indonesia, however, due to the Brazilian law, such as millet company must assemble products in South America countries, launch new products in Brazil so time is a little later.

Barra said: “may take a long time, maybe 12 months to complete, but it’s hard to say.”

millet with apple, samsung in the smartphone market competition is increasingly fierce. In China, millet with high cost performance and attention. Company providing services such as mobile application and film by the software, and through the sales of accessories to obtain income. According to IDC, by the end of last year, millet in China market share of 6%, ranked sixth. At the same time apple iPhone market share of 7%.

millet small batch products via the Internet. But millet President held recently, said the company plans to sell 60 million smartphones this year. In February this year, he said, millet plans this year to sell about 40 million mobile phones.

in recent months, millet in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are introduced. Millet in India on Tuesday, the latest mobile phone. Barra said, millet also hope to enter Brazil market, but met with obstacles. He said: “there is no doubt that China, we will focus on India and Brazil market.”

as part of the India market strategy, millet will provide content service in India and television equipment, at the same time trying to get the content license. Barra said that in addition to China, “India will be according to local tastes vigorously launched the first market of service”.

millet Indian business executives Manu Jain says, millet is trying to start a project, make beautiful MIUI user interface to support local Indian languages. Barra said, in this process, millet to recruit at least five engineers in India, and cooperate with startup develop new functions, applications and services for mobile phones.

held, said millet has no intention of wearable technology market. In fact, the company plans to cooperate with small technology companies, to help them design and product development. He said: “we are considering to invest some partners, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent household and intelligent building an ecological system.”

Barra and held in new Delhi issued millet 3 mobile phones. This phone will it sales through India’s largest online retailers, the price is 13999 rupees ($232). Millet’s other products, including tablet, routers and TV set, will also be on the show.


millet also denied rumors about the IPO (initial public offering). Held, said millet listed on there is no clear plan. “Our profit and cash flow position is very healthy.” He said.

millet, expects revenue this year will be at least 70 billion yuan ($11.28 billion), more than 90% of them are from the Chinese market. Held, said in the first six months of as of June 30, millet sold 26.1 million phones, revenue of 33 billion yuan.