Grain full of science and technology, management into enterprise service to customers

in July 2014, the flagship CRM grain full of foreign trade management technology to the original “jin cloud” changed its name to the foreign trade system of grain full foreign trade system.

2 b of the project is doomed to sales, the current grain full company number 70 people, accounted for more than 40 sales team. In addition to the sales guide, according to the Internet game, thinking products will surely have the Internet.

say first on a tall, grain full is the ultimate vision of science and technology achievements of small and medium-sized enterprise wisdom. Grain full version is an online CRM foreign trade foreign trade management software, to provide online CRM SaaS services company, to lease mode instead of the traditional software license.

not sell software, sell is service.

small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprise compared with other industries is a more “primitive” industry management, the current management of the customer still in use of excel record form, can saying is no management, and customer is the lifeblood of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the first requirement is to get the order, the keywords that demand can be found from the search engines.

at present, the grain full function of CRM customer management as the core, and a series of sales tools around customer management: such as development letter, email marketing, email tracking, customer on the high seas.

the core of customer management, through the form of the timeline to show the complete life cycle of each customer. Traditional customer management software is only part of the existing customer management, grain full CRM is from sales leads start as the management object, record each customer’s follow up process, suit the remedy to the case, the final from the management to drive sales. Is concerned, before making a grain full team of product managers have interview nearly hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises of foreign trade.

the founding team, grain full technology CEO wenbo, has 6 years career in global sources, had a brilliant sales record. At present, a lot of grain full technology team members from global sources, tencent, ali, companies such as team to younger, many members after 90.

wenbo bright tell xiao yun, for now, the industry competition can be divided into the immediate and long-term, competitors in the near future is the foreign trade software, the opponent in the majority with traditional software, such as fortis world, zhejiang ents, winbond etc; Forward the competitors is the saas model enterprise CRM service providers, such as constructed at pin, distribution of yi, etc.

in recent years, enterprises in the field of entrepreneurship has a great investment boom, are saas model of enterprise service products. Grain full, also got very serious fund and make millions of angel investment funds value reaching for the sky. Enterprise services in the future market will be a level of billions, also will appear on the market a enterprise information management to change, because the present domestic small and medium-sized enterprise management most still very backward. Cloud technology, informationization, big data will be the future three big magic weapon of the enterprise. But still have to pay attention to a little, not information management can change the status quo, China’s small and medium-sized enterprises instead of more open markets and enterprise managers can change inherent in the backward management thinking.

products: grain full CRM version of foreign trade

company: shenzhen grain full technology co., LTD.


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