Gree skimp on employees tens of millions of bonus squeezing employees are sweatshops

behind glamorous side of billions of gree, hidden gree savage skimp on employees tens of millions of bonus, alleged squeeze the dark side. This side is not known, but full of bitterness, from internal employees or investor concerns from the outside world.

“about the 6 million year-end bonuses be docked with the export department colleagues are just the tip of the iceberg, gree inside still has a lot of cheat workers, only most people dare to anger can’t speak.” Recently, Gree Electric Appliances, inc. of Zhuhai within a middle managers to time weekly reporter said.

according to time weekly reporter learns exclusive, gree’s board in 2012 after the transition, gree company leaders will pin gree electric appliances middle-level cadres in 2011 and 2012, two years of year-end bonus has not hair, until finally paid off the second half of 2013, but most people bonus has been shrinking.

the more serious is that, from 2011 to now, all gree, branch and air-conditioning the production base of the middle-level cadres, the backbone of the bonus yet, hundreds of people involved, according to previous bonus standards, domestic production base, several air conditioning including ling of compressor, building electrical production base, the total amount of tens of millions of yuan.

but people familiar with the matter told time weekly reporter, last year, from the political department of guangzhou city public security bureau personnel high-profile hired has been hailed as a “police star” of the original department chief wei-cai Chen, as vice President of the personnel in charge of the wei-cai Chen, because many times for bonuses and other benefits for employees, “was dong scold many times”.

at the same time, the number of times weekly reporter learns exclusive internal mail also showed that the gree suspected of imposition sales tasks to employees, and even to the middle-level cadres task given the annual sales of 100000 yuan, 10% of the individual performance weight.

a few days ago, gree electric appliances to disclose in the first quarter of 2014 earnings forecast, is expected in the first quarter belong to shareholders of listed company’s net profit interval of 2.003 billion – 2.003 billion yuan, rose 50% to 50% over the previous year, far more than market expectations. According to the previous results letters, gree business revenue of 120 billion yuan in 2013, up 19.90% from a year earlier, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 10.8 billion yuan, up 46.53% from a year earlier.

gree electric appliances not only incremental inverse city implements a year 20 billion, the last year by 2012, the annual bonus scheme also refresh the gree over the history of share out bonus, more achievement enterprise boss dong mingzhu buster record.

however, when the performance of gree electric appliances, again and again to a new peak, in the enterprise management and business ethics as a densely initiation by the worst in people.

“gree electric appliances in 2013 profits of beautiful beautiful performance in 10.8 billion at a stroke, the achievement is created by the broad masses of cadres and employees, but employees rather than enjoy the fruits of enterprise development, and doesn’t even have deserved a bonus. Not only that, the company also imposition sales tasks to employees, and this too is.” The middle people complained to reporters.

referred to skimp on tens of millions of bonus

in May 2012, in the board of directors of the gree electric appliances in the transition, ms dong has picked former chairman Zhu Jianghong, become the boss of gree electric appliances, chairman and managing director. Dong mingzhu, later, don’t forget to gree in every big occasions described as a “people-oriented” enterprise, over the talented person manages view.

dong mingzhu once said: “as a technology driven enterprise, gree electric appliances to employees as important strategic resource of enterprise development, the harmonious labor relations as the core competitiveness.” In today’s labor costs is more and more high, gree electric appliances claim pay rise by an average of 10% per year for employees, at the same time provide a good promotion mechanism as well as a variety of incentive mechanism, dong mingzhu accepted an interview with the proposed “to make the frontline staff to one man, one bedroom, two rooms one hall housing level after marriage”, even was once famously.

however, gree headquarters a middle manager Chen (not his real name) has pointed out that another shock to the reporter’s version.

“if nothing else, dong mingzhu came to power down after gree electric appliances middle-level cadres in 2011 and 2012, two years of the year-end bonus not hair, it was not until the second half of 2013 finally paid off, but most people bonus has been shrinking. Even worse, three years from 2011 to now, all of the children, branch and air-conditioning the production base of the middle-level cadres, the backbone of the bonus yet, hundreds of people involved, according to previous bonus standards, domestic production base, several air conditioning including ling of compressor, building electrical production base, the total amount of tens of millions of yuan.”

Chen told reporters, in February, gree headquarters notice, requested the all child, branch of the department, factory cancel, all become a section office, workshop, as well as compression cadres, as a result, branch, the original all the ministers, the director becomes a section chief, only to the original section chief leader. “The aim is to reduce treatment, save the management cost. Only this way, all children, branch department department, the architecture itself is very funny, and not only rejected the backbone bonuses, is also rejected, branch staff position “.

in export sales department staff also confirmed to reporters that had previously been exposed 2013 frozen in 6 million year-end bonuses are still not landing.

gree a high attention of news last year, from the political department of guangzhou city public security bureau is ms dong high-profile hired personnel has been hailed as a “police star” of the original department chief wei-cai Chen, has repeatedly expressed appreciation when ms dong Chen wei is a very good man.”

but during this year, when asked about wei-cai Chen’s performance, the evaluation of dong mingzhu is conservative: “now can only be good.”

insiders told reporters, dong mingzhu evoked by the hand of the personnel in charge of the vice President of wei-cai Chen, because many times for bonuses and other benefits for employees, has also been called many times.

for gree skimp on tens of millions of bonus and reduce backbone subsidiary information produced by cadres, reporter tried to contact gree officials for the interview, however, gree electric appliances secret at dong jing east and marketing medium coco long Jiang Yuxin phone couldn’t get through, the Marketing Department minister PangShuang said it was a vacation, unable to interview.

on July 3, 2013, gree electric appliances, according to the announcement of 2012 annual dividend will implement the “10 stocks sent 10 yuan” scheme, which makes the gree instantly dubbed the a-share market the title of “the most generous” company, to refresh the record over the years the share out bonus. Gree electric appliances with a total of 3 billion shares of base, to all the shareholders for every 10 shares 10 yuan in cash, the overall size of share out bonus of more than 3 billion yuan. According to reporter understanding, before this, gree electric appliances annual dividend, its 2011 – year plan of share out bonus is 5 yuan for every 10 shares to send and share out bonus amount is more than 1.5 billion, and according to the reporter, since 1998, gree electric appliances dividends total more than 8 billion yuan.

the holdings of listed companies executives will undoubtedly become the direct beneficiaries of high dividends. Dong mingzhu holdings of 21.1488 million shares by hand, in the dividend income of nearly 21.15 million yuan. Six years according to the statistics, ms dong’s dividend income from gree electric appliances alone more than 48 million yuan, according to this year on April 15, closed at 30.12 yuan per share calculation, dong mingzhu shares held by the current market valuation of more than 630 million yuan, is a legend of some outstanding managers.

in Chen’s view, a lot of dry is developed with the gree, made due contribution to the development of gree, but no share enterprise steady development of rich fruits.

“wages didn’t rise over the years, many people only take WuLiuQian yuan monthly salary, a lot of normal life pressure is very big.” Chen said to the reporter, “we are now very hesitant, for this job is not around, if you stay, the monthly salary reward and pay does not match, if you choose to leave now, the bonus is fully immersed in over the years.”

forced nearly 80000 employees purchase products

reporter learns exclusive inside a gree in February notification email show: “gree system 2014 domestic demand the staff purchase or recommend four tasks – refrigerator, water purifier or air purifier, air to water heaters, household air conditioning in each one. Please inform convey the leaders oral.” At the same time, the finance department listed company in the designated account as “a variety of ways of recommended machine money money transaction”.

does this mean, gree and the staff are trained to sales people, investment sales team?

zhuhai gree a grass-roots management cadre li li (a pseudonym) told reporters that gree to apportion sales target to all employees, for the treatment of employees is not high, since the total amount of purchase or sales of nearly twenty thousand at least 4 times as worse. Company has began to demand that the cadres personnel must be purchased last year sells nearly twenty thousand jing hong refrigerator, and smoke wet machine, water purifiers, water heaters and other products.

reporter received another gree business administration department in June 2013 issued notice, is issued to all company staff to the annual sales of 100000 yuan. Cadres recommended product amount and cadres of choose and buy, the company annual performance, account for 10% of the weights of individual performance. Notification rules at the same time, to be fair, for part of the unit using the company’s business relationships require suppliers, China merchants buy gree products, such as related party shall not be included in the cadre personal name.

“sales object can only from relatives, friends, classmates and so on, some people buy only cheap processing, some home even for refrigerators and other products. That is not good at marketing, this is to research and development, quality, production, logistics and other staff went to sell air conditioning, itself is a funny thing.” Li li told reporters.

“and the cadre conference at the end of 2013, the company had promised $100 per commission push a product that has not been seen, finally failed to live up to.” Chen told reporters.

Chen told reporters, begin from 2012, all employees of year-end bonuses are divided into three times, and there are 20% 50% proportion is a real issue, must use the card to buy the company products to pick up the goods. Hair part of cash, “years ago around in April after again hair part of June again hair real prize is the reason why, in such a way that the latter is to be tied up to the employees next year, if you leave, not part of hair is to automatically give up.”

Li Lize told reporters that this year New Year’s day before he received the company issuing the stamped with “gree for” four word of 50 kg of rice, thought is the welfare of the company, dreamed of in their wages in the last more than 160 dollars. The logic of “this is not a hard sell?” Li li complained to reporters.

lili mentioned special supply meters, is the jilin province loose grain group co., LTD. (” chagan lake “brand of rice. Data shows, gree group is the largest shareholder of loose grain group co., LTD., loose grain group, the first 1000 tons of large orders is gree group for “for” enterprise workers’ dining halls and as an employee welfare.

r dean lawyer at guangdong Luo Jian told reporters that if not in accordance with the established compensation mechanism bonuses or detain the bonus is illegal, if enterprises without authorization will award is a real issue, or the zhichang purchase behavior, are in violation of the provisions of the regulations on wage payment in guangdong province.

the data shows, gree in zhuhai, chongqing, hefei, zhengzhou, shijiazhuang, wuhan, wuhu, expansion, investment established seven production base, the current total number of employees nearly eighty thousand people.

gree hefei area staff told reporters that gree had blind expansion, until late 2012 and early 2013, many production base are unsaturated, personnel surplus situation is serious, a lot of job cuts on the gree, a lot of people did not get deserved bonus and allowance. The staff told reporters that his work 12 hours a day, every month only two days rest, summer in production line often have to endure high temperature, noise intensity is big, but only more than three thousand pieces of salary every month.

gree electric appliances in the provisional shareholders meeting in August 2012, on the “home appliances” winter theory reiterated that the enterprise will not cut. Even stressed that a responsible enterprise to humanistic care, an employee for eight years, the enterprise service for ten years but as soon as they have difficulty, the enterprise if lay off employees, is irresponsible.

however, insiders told reporters that gree in the second half of 2012 had internal meeting to deploy “controller to effect index finished the work”, said the toll of 89546 people, the controller must be forward to 78000. In 2012, according to gree electric appliances results show that as of December 31, 2012, gree, the total number of 80189 employees, more than in the same year the peak reduced nearly ten thousand people.

dealers have been dominating clause exploitation

guangdong distributor in yunfu zhang boss always don’t eat recently, because of its call foshan ChengShiXin xing trade co., LTD., authorized with the gree gree air conditioning wholesalers is as high as 300000 payment for goods, back to hope is very slim.

as we have learned, foshan ChengShiXin xing trade co., LTD. Is a gree gree electric appliance in foshan, zhaoqing, yunfu region general agent. Beginning in July 2012, foshan ChengShiXin xing gree trade co., LTD., authorized deqing county south, electric appliance sales co., LTD. Is a luo certain, fengkai, yunan, deqing area such as specified with the point. Docking in these regions is south of township dealers, the company’s business manager, one is strong, docking, money and pick up the goods by its solely responsible for the transaction.

according to a number of dealers, more than a decade the area of villages and towns distributors are in foshan gree designated dealers business account manager, in fact, the south also allows the company dealers to a strong private accounts. From 2012 to 2012 in the first half of the business model, a strong private accounts, goods can be mentioned.

the boss said, their strong points three times to kang a played, for the first time is in August, 500000 payment for goods all take the arrival of the goods; For the second time is in October last year, only 120000 goods 300000 payment for goods, because the gree is has always been the custom of the first paragraph after the goods, make money can pick up the goods at any time within a year, so the boss zhang again in January this year 100000, all but the last 100000 payment out of sight.

mid-february, south the company respects all of a sudden, said kang a strong due to personal reasons, from the relationship with the company into the private accounts of money does not recognise. Learned that dealer then recourse, money is kang was a strong volume gambled away.

according to the same were tricked into near thousand loans had told reporters that Mr Zhao cloud region more than 30 towns distributors are south company arrears, the amount of more than 3 million. Foshan has been lukewarm gree, however, it makes the small dealers very helpless.