Green accounting: platform based on micro letter, a word can charge to an account

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use micro letter the public could charge to an account number, and with voice, it sounds incredible, and total charge to an account is the first a word could charge to an account of the application letter, the product cost reduce the user’s billing, bring brand-new accounting experience to the user.

total workshop total charge to an account belonging to Beijing science and technology co., LTD., the original 36 kr platform department director Wang Run founded in January 2014, the original baidu video li-xin han, head of the Android technology responsible for the company’s technology development, the original video PM/baidu baidu know operation of Allies, head of the xian is responsible for the products of the company operations, three people met in baidu, the total workshop. Total charge to an account since its launch in January this year, the user has more than more than 10.

billing APP in the market now has a lot of kinds, such as note-taking, 51 stewards credit card, the billing APP have a common characteristic, must manually, bookkeeping procedure complex, user is difficult to the bookkeeping habit. Different from the traditional accounting APP, total charge to an account without having to download and install third-party software, only with the aid of WeChat application platform, simple and quick; Green accounting main digital intelligent charge to an account, the user to enter the voice, the system will automatically record, and project of intelligent classification statistics on consumption, minimize the cost of charge to an account, the user is easy to get into the habit of charge to an account.

in hunting cloud network in an interview, said Wang Run total account form is simple, convenient and quick operation, intelligent operation experience left deep impression to the user, this is just a total billing preliminary goals, is the ultimate goal of total account don’t have to charge to an account, you can put your account record, create personal finance manager.

we look at the total charge to an account features:

1, a word can charge to an account. Users only need input voice, intelligent identification system, automatic classification of accounts. Such as input spent 15 yuan “eating” today, system immediately, according to “spending: 15 yuan, category: food and beverage, note: eat today spent 15 yuan”, accounting procedures simple and quick.

2, the system automatically generate account management. Total intelligent integration of charge to an account user consumption project, to classify statistics, users on the system said “menu”, can easily view your statements, intelligent fast and manage user accounts. System will advise you how to consumption, how to allocate their income and spending, green accounting become the user’s personal finance manager.

to see that green accounting and traditional accounting APP form, total billing flagship of simple and quick, intelligent way of charge to an account, he can from the user’s requirements, accurately grasp the market comes in.

at present, the total charge to an account in the early stage of the product stage, at the unprofitable stage, the most main is to accumulate the user. Total charge to an account in no specific user groups, but the total charge to an account Wang Run founder, says from the practical point of view, mostly young men, about 30 years old, the future how to meet the demand of accounting after the 80, 90, it is our question.

total billing founder Wang Run convective cloud network said, “from the user information and voice recognition is bottleneck in the development of green accounting, such as the degree of standard mandarin, the external environment of noise and so on are likely to limit the function of the total charge to an account. Therefore, the total charge to an account on the technology constantly improve the speech recognition rate, the future will also consider to add some new functions, such as photos of charge to an account, just get the receipts can easily charge to an account, etc.”

total charge to an account, it seems, is just a simple bookkeeping. Wang Run founder said. “the future will continue to try new features, the target is the total charge to an account into a collection of accounting and financial management in the integration of personal finance manager. Such as considering cooperation with the bank, get the user authorization, access to personal data bank, a very convenient statistics came out, but the implementation of the cooperation, will depend on your ability to negotiate.”


“personal finance, financial advisers before is service for the local tyrants, but with the development of science and technology, the Internet era progress, believe that there will be a product be everyone’s personal finance assistant.” Wang Run summed up at last.

total billing


time: January 2014

company: Beijing green mate technology co., LTD.

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